Monday, November 29, 2010

Post Thanksgiving update

This probably isn't the best time to blog.  I am feeling completely out of sorts today and it started the moment my alarm went off this morning.  I fell right back to sleep.  I am not a fall back to sleep hit the snooze kind of person.  I don't even know how to set the snooze.  Do you even set a snooze?  So, after a short nap and quick additional weird dream I woke up.  LATE.  My body didn't care.  It stammered around as if I had all the time in the world.  It was that four day weekend that did it and all the sleeping in I cared for.  It was delightful while it lasted and thank you, boys for allowing it to happen, but I am paying for it now. 

Our Thanksgiving was much different this year, but it was still good.  I picked up the camera one time to take the pregnant update photos below.  Then again to load them to find some surprises.  Apparently Wyatt was photog practicing again. 

He must have thought that this pic of his dad was good material.  So, needless to say I didn't get any family pictures this weekend or holiday.  Bummer!

We kicked off our holiday Wednesday night really enjoying a meal from my MIL.  It was all sorts of delish and I ate too much, of course!  Thursday morning when we are usually heading to KS for a meal with the Sisemores (we missed you guys tons!) we went to the hospital instead.  Bill had just finished his big Thanksgiving meal and desert, which I hear he thoroughly enjoyed.  We are so thankful that he is talking, eating, has way less tubes hanging from his body, in a different room, and feeling so much more than he was a few weeks ago.  We are thankful to be getting time with him.  We are thankful that soon he will be moved to rehab to work like no other to regain some function.

Thursday night we headed to my mom and dad's to enjoy more delish food and desert.  We stayed the night there, which the boys were overjoyed about.  We woke up to some awesome, can't beat um, biscuits and gravy courtesy of Nae Nae and Pa Pa.  Seriously, there is none better.  I won't even touch them at other places because I can tell by looking at them that they will not taste the way I like them. 

It was a good much needed break and I am thankful for getting the time with my family. (Missed you though, Chadica!)

Onto a blog challenge for you...

Can you...

Find the two year old?

 Name the baby in my belly?

 Spot the bed head? 
Guess how many weeks I am?  (I had to look)
Guess how much I weigh?  (Just kidding, don't do that)

The boys also got haircuts Thursday morning.  I couldn't stand the shag any longer.

Anyway, things are good.  I'm measuring just as I should.  I am having some tightening, but nothing painful.  He has a lot of hiccups.  He of course still feels like he moves non stop and never sleeps.  Maybe he is just an active sleeper.  Although I feel like I am organized and have everything I need outside of a coming home outfit and a few more outfits just of his own I don't feel ready.  I can't grasp where this November has gone and I know December will go just as fast if not faster and then January he will be here.  It blows me away.  I am so ready to see his perfect little face, but I just can't picture how much our life is going to be changing again soon and it is hard for me to say I'm ready.  A name would help! 

I hope you all had a great Thanksgiving and I am enjoying the stories of those that have posted about it. 

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