Friday, October 15, 2010

Preg update, Bill, and Dale's childhood dream

Here we are.  Week 25.  Nothing new except for a few more pounds and a few harder kicks.  He still hasn't quite gotten the rib detached from my right side, but he is working feverishly to get it before he arrives.  I'm sure of it.  This kid moves A LOT, really, A LOT, you wouldn't believe it!  I recorded some kicking on my phone yesterday.  I might post it soon, but I really want to catch him when he is going crazy and my belly is popping all over the place.

I still feel good.  Tire easy, crappy hormones, and some heartburn, but for the most part good.  At this point with Waylon I was having a lot of back pain and a lot of lower pressure.  Thankfully this baby boy has been a bit nicer to me. 

The name game is still in play.  We don't have one and we haven't really even talked about it further.  It kinda sucks having to name a kid when you are dealing with a teacher.   Every name that seems to come up belongs to some little jerk at school Dale has to deal with.  It's not easy!  But, something will come up.  I'm not worried about it.

A little more of a side view

 The boys still love their baby brother and are still really excited to get to meet him.  They hug my stomach often and kiss it as well.  I think once he gets here, Waylon might have a hard time adjusting.  He gets pretty mad if I hold Wyatt or sit with Wyatt.  He marches right over and plays the baby card.  I think that is something we are going to have to work on.  We're truckin along.

Speaking of truckin along, Dale has taken the 1st huge step in realizing one of his childhood dreams.  He got his CDL on Tuesday.  I'm a trucker's wife.  Well, not officially yet.  He isn't quitting his teaching and coaching, but this is something that he wants to do in the summers.  If he was thinking of making a major switch in careers we might have some issues, but I think he is making the right decision and he is doing his part in living a dream.  I'm proud of him. 

His dad... sorry I haven't given an update in awhile.  He is closer to home.  It takes around 40 minutes to go see him vs the 3 hours we were driving.  It makes a huge difference!  He is still in rehab to get rid of his trach.  They have put a smaller one in and he is pretty much breathing 80% on his own.  They give him more at night so he can rest better.  He still has some infections and is now starting to get some bed sores.  At this point he can't feel them, but that is going to be a huge problem later if they start to get out of hand. 

The new place doesn't seem too bad.  They seem to take pretty good care of him and they are still having a physical therapist come in, but nothing like the therapy he needs to regain some function.  We like it because it is a lot less hospitally (you know what I mean even if that isn't a word, right?!) and the boys can go in to see him, but we all have to gown up and make sure the boys don't touch anything.  It is almost impossible.  We haven't taken them in since we found out about the recent infections so they really haven't had to gown up yet, but when they do that is going to be a stressful visit!  They miss their papa Bill still and both of them voluntarily pray for him every night.  That is really so touching especially to hear Waylon ask if he can pray for papa Bill.  So sweet. 

Anyway, you're on update overload, so I'm signing off.  Have a great weekend hopefully your weather will be just as beautiful as ours is supposed to be!!!


  1. Oh my gosh! honey you look super gorgeous:) congrats! enjoy the weekend with your babies:)

  2. You look wonderful!!! and Yay for continued progress for Dale's Dad!! Have a good weekend!

  3. BEAUTIFUL... A new follower

  4. You are so beautiful! I'm glad you are doing well. That's not good about the name game. I can only imagine the problem his students cause!

    Yay for Dale's dream and yay for Dale's dad. The progress is huge and wonderful. We'll keep praying for him.

  5. Awwww you look so adorable, mama! You're GLOWING, Tayarra. So good to hear that your Dad in law is getting better. xoxo

  6. You are one busy, super cute prego, mama!! You're rockin it! So glad that Bill is closer for you.



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