Thursday, July 22, 2010

Now we are rockin

I was going to post about a snake experience I had this morning then I realized it is like my 200th post or something (like anyone cares) so I wanted to do something special.  I have been holding onto this video waiting for the right time to unleash the cuteness of my house, but I can't hold on anymore.  I have to share the two boys that make my life great. 

Wyatt late one night after bath with his "rock hair"! 

I have two little rockers at my house. One just is because his brother is. Waylon's in the monkey see monkey do business big time around here. It is pretty hilarious as you will see.

"Whew, that was fun"

Oh, how I love them!


  1. Those are too little hams. What a bundle of cuteness. And boy will you have your hands full in a few years... good thing they are adorable.

  2. We've got a lot of monkey see, monkey do in our house, too, just more like mommy and dress-up stuff!

  3. I love how your little boy keeps looking up to his big brother to make sure he is copying him!!!

  4. ADORABLE! Seriously. My lil one copies so extremely it's getting to be an issue. I'm talking if one touches a wall, the other one has to touch the same wall. Gonna go mad! Or, worse, I guess ;p

  5. OMG they are super cute! Rock on little dudes! :D



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