Friday, July 23, 2010

Friday Flips!

Ah, Friday, how I need you to come to an end so I can fall asleep on my couch tonight watching tv and sleep in in the morning.  I have had a pretty low key week so this one shouldn't be too long.  I have just been paying debt off (one student loan to go, woo hoo!) and trying to keep my eyes open and oh, yeah, working, and celebrating huge milestones at work, and stressing about the ones to come, and cooking, and cleaning, and laughing and correcting dirty little boys, throw bathing them in there too, and ok snuggling and kissing them as well.  Waylon gives the best hugs these days by the way.  Man, Dale sorry... and trying to be a good wife to my husband, which seems to be on the back burner with all of this tiredness lurking around.  Maybe I should take some days off next week just for him. 

Anyway, if you are new here Friday's mean it is time to flip some things off just to get them off of my chest and get a laugh at the things that made me mad during the week.  So, thanks to Kludymom (go visit her site) for creating this little bit of bad things turned good for the week. 

This week I exited my 1st trimester of pregnancy.  My body didn't get that memo as it decided now would be a good time for some morning sickness.  REALLY?!  Yeah, thanks for that.  Now I can't eat that specific cereal ever again and I had to switch around my whole morning routine to give me queasiness time to subside before I lose my breakfast again.  Thankfully it was only a 1 morning Tayarra vs the toilet bowl episode. 

To brushing my teeth in the morning which really gets my stomach going.  REALLY?!  I'm not just going to not brush my teeth in the mornings.  Thanks there gag reflex, you suck, or heave or something like that.

To this nasty thing

Oh, you so will not plant yourself in my garage leaving me to discover you at 5 in the morning and get away with it.  REALLY?!  Like I am REALLY going to let you hang out by the boy's toy box.  Come on!!!  I don't care what kind you are (Kingsnake, I think) you are not staying obviously and Dale hates you a lot more than I do.  How's your head feeling???  Thanks, babe for saving the day.  I was not going to work until I knew the end of that story!

And to eye teethREALLY?!  Do all 4 of you need to come in all at once leaving my baby boy miserable and cranky.  And do you REALLY have to take forever to finish?  Get the job done already!

So there you go.  See the linky below and link up if you like!  I would love it if you did.  You can also check out the others! 

And this wouldn't be a Friday post if I didn't talk about traffic and my breakfast.  Sausage biscuit and a frappe saved the day again and I even saw some guy wave at another guy for letting him in.  It is a Friday morning traffic miracle around here two weeks in a row.  We will see what next Friday has in store as I am out of coupons for frappes.  Oh no!  Have a great weekend!!!


  1. I will give the eye teeth another flip off as well. We are gowing through the same thing and I just need a frickin' break! or some wine ;) Have a good weekend!!

  2. oh dear God, that snake. At 5 a.m.! Holy crap! I am sorry you're not feeling remember those days. I hope they pass SOON!!

    have a good weekend!

  3. OMG, girl that snake looks scary! I'm glad it didn't get inside. Phew!
    Hope you will get your energy back and the morning sickness go easy on you. Hugs!

  4. What the crap? I'd die of heart failure if I saw that thing. YIKES. Sorry about the fatigue and missed memo about the end of the 1st trimester. Hang in there girly. Hope you have a great weekend and get lots of sleep.

  5. HATE snakes. At a friend's lakehouse I was putting some sheets in the laundry and one came at me from under the dryer. I don't think I've EVER moved so fast.

  6. That's one scary snake! I'm so glad we don't get them here, they terrify me! Brushing my teeth makes me gag too, it started when I was pregnant and hasn't really gone away.

    Hope the tiredness lifts soon and you get to spend time with your husband!



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