Monday, June 14, 2010

Thomas the Train

My sweet Mother-in-law (yes, I said sweet) bought the whole family A Day Out with Thomas tickets.  I love my MIL by the way.  She is great, honestly.  I didn't give her enough credit right after I had Wyatt, but I was the on edge 1st time mom too.  I couldn't ask for a better MIL.  Just so you all know.

Anyway, my nephew Connor is a HUGE Thomas fan and always has been.  He knows them all and now has all of the train characters.  So, when Linda heard Thomas would be near by, she jumped at the opportunity and asked us along.  My boys aren't near the fans Connor is, but they do like him and was excited to get to see him. 

The day?  Wow!  The weather the night before said around 91 degrees with spotted thunderstorms.  I thought we would be ok and I dressed our family for 91 degree weather.  It was raining so hard on the way down there we could barely see a few times.  I thought surely it would let up by the time we got there.  No big deal anyway because the car temp was reading 78 degrees.  I can handle being soaked if it is warm out.  Too bad that temp kept going down and it kept raining harder the closer we got.  And sure enough when we arrived the rain just kept on coming.  I decided I wasn't going to let it totally ruin our time and that I wasn't going anywhere near a mirror! 

There was so much to do there.  It was just too hard to get anything done trying to dodge the running river going through the set up.  We went to 1 story time and to the gift shop and then decided just to head for the line to board Thomas.

Thank goodness they had the line section covered.  As we were waiting under the tent the worst of the rain fell.  It was horrible.  I felt sorry for all of the mommies, daddies, and grandparents scurrying their little ones to shelter.  The kids were wet, cold, and crabby to say the least.  There were melt downs left and right.  It was kind of funny.

We finally boarded Thomas. We were all packed in like wet, soggy sardines. Here is Connor. Doesn't he looked thrilled to be riding Thomas?!


The boys with their daddy.  This is how you can find the 3 of them these days, all over each other.  They are either climbing him or wrestling with him.  It's pretty great.  Waylon is on a huge daddy kick and asks for him all of the time.  It does give me a break, which is good, but then I really start missing them.

Here are the boys being little turds!  Wyatt is really into silly poses these days.  Waylon wouldn't let me take his picture after awhile and would pose and then quickly hide his face.  I got him on this one.  Love how he is holding his daddy's hand too.

Linda made all of the boy's shirts too.  Wyatt is actually wearing Waylon's here because his was a bit too big.  They turned out really cute!

Here's the back.

Wyatt driving the firetruck.  He loved it.  We all had a pretty good day despite the rain.  We were all too hungry after the train ride when the sun was trying to show it's face.  The boys got to watch a little magic show, share a funnel cake, and "drive" the firetruck.  Then it was back on the school bus shuttle to the car. 

Maybe we can try again next year on a better day!  This trip won't soon be forgotten, that's for sure!  We also got some much needed time with the boy's great grandma Maxine.

We did get this adorable little snapshot out of it.  Thank goodness you can't tell how bad my hair really looks here.  I was pleasantly surprised that it turned out so well.  I don't know what got into Mr. Cheese face, his head is bigger than anyone else's in the family, and he is the youngest Waylon and there is Wyatt again with his silly poses.  He was really trying to be funny.  I don't think this kid could BE any more like his daddy.  (Haven't I said that before?)  This is one of my favorites! 


  1. Sorry about the rain. This looks like it was a great trip to see Thomas.

  2. Rain or not I bet your boys were having such a great time! How cool is that! My son loves Thomas so to ride a life size one must've been heaven for your boys LOL :D love the last picture, everyone looks so happy!

  3. Looks like a fun day even if the weather didn't behave and wow- what a great family pic there. And boy I am super behind!! Whew. A mouthful.

  4. P.S. My son LOVED thomas too...



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