Monday, April 19, 2010

A lot of things...

I have a lot to post about today.  So, let's just start here.  I got this really thoughtful award from This Daddy.  I thought it suited me well and yes, Dale does run a lot.  It's my 1st ever award, yeah for me.

According to the rules, I have to share 10 honest things about myself with you, and then pass the award on to ten of my favorite bloggers.

So here I go:
  1. I honestly don't want to pass this award on because it would be too much work for me and I don't have time.  I will probably never get another award again.  But, I've gotta take the risk. 
  2. I am in a really crappy mood because of a meeting I just got out of and I better change my tude quick before I take it out on others and be perceived as if I don't have organizational maturity or emotional control.  Reviews are coming up!
  3. While we are on the lines of work.  I really do like my boss and my boss's boss.  I mean I really like them.  We have a great relationship and I am blessed to work for them.
  4. I eat WAY too many sweets and would eat WAY more if I wasn't such a tightwad.
  5. I worked an embarrassing about of hours on this blog this past week after some feedback from a blogfrog discussion and this is all I have to show for it.  I am not a huge fan of green, but it looked the best with the header.  I learned a lot.  It was stuff I can apply to work as well so not all of my time was wasted, but a good portion of it was.  Feel free to let me know what you think.
  6. I have been thinking about renaming my blog for awhile now and this award hit at the right time.  In the feedback I got people responded with how honest and straight forward I was.  That couldn't be more close to the truth.  So, that is why you see Honesty up there. 
  7. I am only honest because it takes too much time and work for me to be anything else.  I don't have a lot of time and patience for fluff either.  Just say what you have to say.
  8. I use to tailgate people on the highway until I realized that my time is no more important than theirs.  Except in rush hour traffic then it isn't considered tailgating.  I don't know why some people think that. 
  9. I was really starting to get discouraged about this blog and if anyone was listening or cared what I was writing.  Then I got 2 awards and 9 comments on my recent post.  That made my day and it encouraged me a lot.  I know 9 isn't a lot for some, but it is for me and I appreciate everyone of those 9 comments!  I don't write for readership, but it does feel good to be validated and noticed!
  10. I haven't kept up with my bible reading like I said I would.  BUT, I just ordered "The Word of Promise: Complete Audio Bible"with Jim Cavezel (sp ?  - too lazy to go look it up) to help me in this area so I can listen while I stay 2 car links away from the car in front of me on my way to and from work. 
In other news, I got another award as I mentioned above, but I don't have time for it now.  I will get back around to it hopefully.  But, I do really appreciate it! 

The weekend was great and I made the most of it with my boys!  We took a wagon ride around a state park here, which I thought they would enjoy more than they did, but oh well.  Said yes to a sweet little request to fish at my parent's house.  I couldn't resist.  My son wants to fish with his mommy.  That won't be true in a few years.  I actually caught a fish which made his day and he went home and bragged to daddy about it.  Dale told me later that Wyatt let him know.  I think that made my day!  Nae Nae caught him a fish that he wouldn't let go, but just kept casting the poor little thing back out into the water and reeling him back in.  It was pretty hilarious!  Each time he looked so excited as if he caught another one. 

Then we recreated some scenes from Sandlot.  I would hit the ball over the privacy fence and he would figure out how to get it back from the big scary dog.  I love his imagination and memory!  We went home and he didn't even fight bedtime.  He was out like a light.  It was a GREAT weekend and I almost cried when I went back in to check on him.  He was so worn out and happy and so was I.


  1. Sorry you're a little stressed out. Must be the week for it! Don't stress about the award or passing them out to others. it's just a way to have fun and give some link love to others, but the second your blog becomes "work" it's good to take a step back.

    Hope you rweek gets better! (And I think the header looks great. The new name threw me for a minute, but I too adore HONESTY!)

  2. Thanks Ladies! It really has been a rough week!



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