Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Heavy Hearted

My heart is heavy and I have a lump in my throat this morning. I learned our community has lost a child to cancer. I didn’t know this little girl or her family and I really haven’t followed her story much, but being a parent, it still affects me. Our community and those around us have held benefits for her and her family. They have done so much. Our church has prayed for her and her family. I don’t even know them and my heart aches for them. I just couldn’t imagine an ounce of what they went through and now this. Sure it is probably a blessing that she isn’t fighting so hard anymore and she has gone to a better place, but what about her family?

My praise this morning: Thank you, God for my HEALTHY, HAPPY, BEAUTIFUL children you have given me on this earth.
My prayer: Please, God, let me go before they do.

I could not stand to see them suffer or lose one of them. A miscarriage is hard, but losing one of my boys is one of my absolute worst nightmares. I pray that God will strengthen them as they go through the remainder of their lives and that He carries them when they can’t hold on.

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