Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Pics for Nae Nae and Pa Pa...

JCPenny had a Harley Davidson special for portraits. Many of you know the love of Harley Davidson's my parents possess. So, I thought this was perfect with Mother's Day and my mom's birthday coming up.
Here is Will with his cute self!!! His hair is starting to get thicker! He is mobile and can make some pretty hilarious faces! He had most of us in tears at dinner for Mother's Day!!!
Such a big boy!

Talk about a big boy...

Wyatt LOVED this motorcycle. We had a hard time getting him to smile and stop playing with the thing for 2 seconds so we could get the pictures taken. He actually kept asking me if it was "Harley Davidson"

He looks like he is about 10 here! Such a cutie! He got his 1st "professional" hair cut the day before the pictures. He walked around the rest of the day with his "cool" face on. Maybe I will be able to capture that face on camera some day. You will know it when you see it!

This is really one of my favorites! I don't know how he knows how to pose so perfectly, but every time we take pictures he has one or two that are absolutely perfect with little to no prompting!

Here is Will again enjoying the wind in his hair and bugs in his teeth, ha!

Did someone say "teeth"? No, he still doesn't have any, but he will gnaw on your arm anyway!

This one cracks me up because it looks like the thing ran over him! What were we thinking??!!


AH, AH!!!!!

That there is a version of the cool face. What is missing is the swagger that goes with it and the lips! Waylon, CUTE!!!


The dubs..... What trouble lies ahead!!!

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