Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Cousins and New things discovered and some random cute pics

We went to Gardner for Easter. Here is Wyatt with his 2 KS cousins. Wyatt LOVES his cousin Epsy (Betsy) because she plays basketball with him. If you can't tell Zach is a bit ornery. I actually love his personality.
Here is Betsy and Wyatt drinking "kid whine"
Wyatt and Waylon playing with Spike the dinosaur.
Wyatt's first bath in the big tub. He loved it. He went "swim swim"
Waylon hanging out watching Daddy fold clothes. Yes, Dale folds his own clothes and yes Waylon has man boobs!
Where's Wyatt? I swear, I shouldn't ever leave Dale and Wyatt alone. Who knows what they will get into...
If you haven't found him by now he is on my cabinets at the top of the picture. Dale brought me my camera to show me the picture. My thoughts were, why are you showing me a picture of my messy kitchen right now. Once I found him, I thought it was pretty funny!

Waylon found his toes and he spends a lot of time doing this. It's pretty cute.
He's a happy boy.
He found a comfy spot with daddy one night watching TV. He was there for probably a minute before he fell asleep.
The boys hanging out before bed one night.
I had to add this one to show how big Waylon is. I love every bit of his chubbiness, especially those cheeks.Meet the other Wyatt. My dad and his best bud Jay made these for their grandkids after Wyatt was born. I'm sure we will have many more pictures like this in the future.
A couple of weeks ago we went to visit Dale's grandma Maxine in Gardner and Wyatt got to spend more time with his KS cousins. Here Wyatt and Zach are riding big wheels. Wyatt had to use Betsy's old one, which is quite girly. He will hate me for that in the future! They had a ton of fun though.
This was on the way to Gardner...
Waylon only slept a little bit of the way.
Until next time. Wyatt's birthday is coming up. We can't believe he will be 3 already. I'm sure there will be tons of pics from the birthday party. He has already been talking about it for a month now.


  1. LOL...Wyatt peeing by his wooden 'buddy' is about the funniest picture I have ever seen in my life! That is classic mom blackmail for sure ;)

  2. Too cute! I love the chubby rolls!



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