Tuesday, December 9, 2008

It's about time!

So I set this thing up a long time ago and never added anything to it. Maybe I will keep this one updated since I can get on at work. It never fails at home once I get on to do something like this Waylon and Wyatt won't have it or I get some kind of error. Just wanted to share my boys with my family and friends out there that don't use myspace.
Here is our little family the day Waylon Everett was born.
Here is our new little Tiger cub.

Wyatt and Waylon's first bath together. Waylon isn't too sure about this.

Wyatt is really good with his brother. He has to throw the diapers away (I seriously get yelled at if I try to get rid of a diaper), he has to make sure Waylon has his binkie, and he loves giving him kisses (wisses) and hugs. We have been having a little trouble with bed time before Waylon came along, but it seems that Wyatt has really grown up a lot since he realized he is the big brother. Now he goes right to bed and stays there. If he does get up, he goes right back without a struggle.

Will (my brother's baby - 2 months old), Waylon, and Wyatt
Connor, Betsie, Wyatt, and Zach
Great Grandma Maxine and the boys
Nae Nae (my mom) and the boys
Chubby Bubby taking a bath
All clean - smelling so good and looking adorable

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