Thursday, February 28, 2013

How The Sharp's Survived The 2013 "Blenders"

I'm sure everyone has heard and/or is sick of hearing about all the snow the Midwest got.  Maybe you are sick of seeing people's kids in the snow.  Too bad.  I have pretty much refrained from posting pics because I was going to put them in a nice little multi-frame format here on the blog, but then I realized how much time I DON'T have to do that. 

To summarize how long this post could be, let me just say there is a lot of freakin snow.  We did (I'm sure we will do more) a LOT of sledding and playing in it.  Below is only half of the hill.  Weston ended up going down the entire thing all by himself a few times and walking up a time or two.  

I was able to skip my in between weights workouts because of this monster hill and the high stepping I had to do to get through the snow.  Not to mention the 40, 36, and 25 pounders I had to pull together on the sled from time to time, but I just mentioned that didn't I?!  The legs and booty are feeling good.  

Hate to sound all gagish, but these days we had I don't think anyone will forget.  We had a lot of good times.  I even ended at least two of the days saying how much I freakin loved this day in my mind.  

As I mentioned... a LOT of snow!

We had two storms.  The first one Dale worked nonstop so it was just me and the boys and I put all "I have to get this done" duties to the side other than cleaning the kitchen.  I treated it like a real snow day times 3.  In the 10 years I've worked for the company I work for they have only closed the office due to weather once.  We got 3 days out of these storms and I loved every minute of it.   Wait, what? No I didn't.  Some of the moments really sucked. 

But not this one where we played with cousin Will.  Wyatt and him built their very own snowman.  Why the heck didn't I get a picture of that?  It was the cutest little thing ever.

And not these when we had fun with Grandma building a nice ole' traditional snowman.  

They love him!

I also made the boys a playroom because I was sick of the toys overrunning every single open space of our house.  So, the previous baby stuff storage closet (which is big) was converted to a play room.  I put a Pinterest inspired project to work with black electrical tape.  Wyatt said it trashed up the house and the other two about squeezed my neck off because they loved it so much.  Wyatt changed his mind once Aunt T said how much she loved it.  

Back out for more playing in the snow. 

Sucky moment of being out for 2 minutes before Weston HAD to be put down for a nap.  I am mastering the whole bundle up, unbundle chaos.  Then I came out and buried the other two for awhile to keep them out of my hair.   


All in all the last few snowy days were awesome.  Waylon once said a few months back that God turned him 16 so he could go to Heaven to get a message from God himself that He makes it snow for the sole purpose of Waylon to play in it.  God has certainly been smiling down on you, Waylon.

So those sucky moments... You know it wouldn't be a Sharp post without a little bit of disgusting thrown in when I mention the boys.  I've been smacked in the side of the face with a pee filled diaper that exploded on the wall right after hitting the left side of my face, pushing my earring into the side of my head, and I cleaned up a room full of poo.  Just when I thought my boys weren't really into playing with poo I was proved wrong in a really wrong way. 

Weston picked up his poo filled diaper that an unnamed man left in the room and upon all of them being sent to that room to play because they were too rowdy decided to pick it up and spin or throw it or attach it to the ceiling fan or something!  They had locked themselves in and were trying to desperately get out at the sounds of disgusting gagging when Dale, I mean the unnamed man, went back there to check out what was going on.  About half way down the hall we were hit with the smell.  The door was opened in which the boys flooded out and there it was.  Poo all over everywhere.  On the walls, on the blinds, up by the ceiling, behind the bed, up above the closet doors, and on the carpet, but amazingly non on any little people and non on the beds.  Apparently Weston picked up the whole diaper and spun around and threw it.  Wipes full of poo hit the wall and slid down it above the bunk bed and to the floor.  We might have ourselves the best baseball player yet with the best arm because it was high and it was on all corners of that room.  The unnamed man and I spent that night before I returned to work cleaning with Clorox wipes.  Hopefully we found it all.  What a way to end my glorious snow days!  I've been working on my temper and patience and I'll have you know all I said about that was, "I'm just not going to say anything."  Huge win for me.  

I hope you all are enjoying/enjoyed the snow if you got it and if you didn't I hope you have enjoyed seeing all of everyone else's enjoyment!   

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