Thursday, December 6, 2012

Changing Seasons and New Things

The weather is trying to change and that change is bringing me to new/different things.  I started P90x for my cross training as I don’t have any races scheduled until Spring time and the cold temps right out of bed are not appealing to me. I made my mind up to do that last week sometime. Then I talked to my sister about a training plan and then I bought a used treadmill. So, I kind of feel like I’m back in the indecisive mode. I want to build more muscle and have a stronger core. Running makes me really lean, but dang, I finally love my calves. I’ve always thought they were too small even when I was running in college.

Most of you know that what got me back on my feet again and running towards a healthy, best self lifestyle was Insanity last January. I loved it. It made me sweat big time and it gave me a good base. Thank goodness for some muscle memory. Last Spring I was offered free entry into a 5k thanks to my work. I had not been running whatsoever. I was only doing Insanity. I went out and ran the race and it felt so dang good!!! I was hooked. I spent Spring, Summer, and Fall training and racing 5k’s. I struggled at the end with my performance when I should have been dominating. So, time for a change. I’ve had P90x sitting on my shelf for a while. I always said it has too many weights or too many pull-ups and that I wasn’t interested in even trying it. Now it is different. I want weights. I want muscle. So, here we are.

This picture was taken after Day 1, Chest and Back in which I felt like it was more of an arm workout because my arms were shot and bulked by the time I was done.

I’m on day 4. I’m sore as can be! I feel really strong until I try to scratch my nose, wash my hair, pick up my pen, go to the bathroom, walk down the steps, sneeze or cough, or get up from my chair, or push open a light door. Then I want to cry like a baby.  It’s slow going and a lot of facial grimacing. I actually like it a lot. And, honestly, it doesn’t seem too bad.  What was I so afraid of? The pull-ups, yes, those are bad. I can’t do them unassisted, BUT someday I WILL! I’m really glad I’m starting it in shape and can keep pace with those on the video.

Today the workout was Yoga. Wow! I’m a Yoga virgin and it is tough. Probably the toughest so far and one and a half hours long, which I had to cut short. I wish the workouts weren’t so long. I think that is the only bad thing. I already get up too early and go to sleep late and the hour workouts, sometimes a little over, are hard to squeeze in and then get ready for work along with its long two hour drive back and forth each day, and the boys ready and out the door (Dale already helps a ton), plus breakfast and packing lunch. I know, I should pack lunch the night before, but I’m spent the night before and I don’t want a sandwich that has sat in the fridge that long.

Anyway, it’s going well regardless of hurting myself 2 out of the 4 days. The first time I hit my shin on the bar while trying to assist myself doing a pull-up. The second time I was doing leg swings over a chair and hit my calf on the first one right after Tony said I would probably hit my leg on the chair. It hurts, but it is hard to distinguish from the other pain I’m already feeling. Anyone have a backscratcher?

I do miss running though. I fear that I will lose some of my endurance because the cardio in P90x is just not the same as getting out on the road and running, but if I compare where I started last season to where I will this season, I’m already ahead. I will work at getting it back slowly. Hopefully I will remember why I do it all in the first place and not start hating it because of my own disappointment from being too hard on myself.  I really want to squeeze in a half next season.

Maybe I will get more occasional fun runs in on the weekends like this past weekend when I met an old friend and a new friend for some trail running, which I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE!!!    LOVE!     Running through thick trees, brush, over rocks and bridges, and on a path full of trotted leaves gets me so in touch with nature, myself, my beliefs. Such a free feeling.  Hard to explain, but did I mention that I LOVE it?  We don't have a lot of trails around here, which is sad.

Here's my Cher Bear!  I love running behind her and admiring her calves the whole time.  They're monsters!

I didn’t intend for that to be so long, sorry.

The house is decorated and ready for the season of cuddling weather. It is so cozy in there.   Only one problem, the weather hasn’t been much of cuddling weather. More like, “GET OFF OF ME, I’M FREAKING HOT” weather.   I hear that is supposed to be changing up here soon.  I'm kind of glad even though I hate the cold.  Putting up the tree wasn't a huge ordeal this year other than moving the furniture 100 different times.  I even put tables behind the couch which is so nontraditional for me and something I never thought I'd do.  If you have a tables in your living room they should be used to hold drinks or pictures or something.  These are used to hold lamps and that is it.  I actually really like them back there.  It gets the couch off the back wall.  I even have the loveseat in a place that is nontraditional.  I don't believe in having furniture in your living room that you sit on and can't see the tv.  What's the point in that?  But, I really like it there.

We sold the Tahoe – big sad face. That thing was almost like a family member and paid for.  It was kind of a last minute, "Surprise someone is coming to buy the Tahoe" kind of thing.  It was surreal and I about stopped the whole 10 second show because I didn't get a chance to say goodbye.  I mean, did you make sure to take our lives out of there?  I know it is for the better.  There is no way it would have held to the value we got out of it for much longer. 

I found a wine I actually like – I don’t drink a lot. Thank you, sneaky little Davids'!

Dale is sick, but IS NOT acting "man sick" – you know what I mean. He’s been a trooper!

I've been curling my hair the entire week and it is getting long.  BIG change for me.  I've worn my hair straight for the last few years and I think it was right after Wyatt when I chopped it all off.

You know those days when you feel like you wasted a good outfit?  That was me the other day and just sat at my desk all day.

And then today, I wore flowers and stripes.  (Gasp)  After looking at this picture, I don't like the layered shirt I'm wearing. 

And, I cancelled Christmas for the older boys.  As of right now it is still cancelled. I’ll explain later.

Random: If you are an Elf on the Shelf doer, do you let the kids touch the elf?  No touching Trucker here.  It's never been a problem with the boys either, but I always place Trucker in higher places.
Do you call the Loveseat a Loveseat?  Loveseat for me.
White or colored lights on your tree?  I used to hate white lights when I was a kid and even up to a couple of years ago.  Now?  I love them, but I still feel colored lights go with a kid spirited Christmas and that's what I like for my boys right now.  I'm sure they couldn't care less.


  1. Thinking I may have to look into those videos.....GOOD WORK

  2. I really do love the hairstyle! I wore my hair similar today! Your tree also looks very worm & cozy!

  3. Love your hair! So cute!! I love your comment about "wasting an outfit". That is the main reason I wear yoga pants and a long-sleever running top Every.Single.Day! Oh, if only my husband understood the concept of wasting an outfit then he wouldn't question why I never change my clothes. Ha!

    And your tree and fireplace are beautiful. We are cutting down our tree and decorating the house on Saturday. I can't wait!

  4. You look fierce. i wish that I could work out like that *looks at snap crackle popping back*
    We are looking to buy a truck since Shawn's baby mustang gets pulled off the road in winter. i don't see the point because like you, our weather has been cold but a nice cold. Did that make sense.
    You're cute. I wish I could curl my hair like that. Mine is pin straight. It laughs at curling irons.
    PS. Elf on a shelf scares me.

  5. First things first- LOVE your hair curled. Makes me want to actually fix my hair from the permanent wet bun it is usually in.

    Second- You and the amazingly ripped arms!

    Love the Christmas decor too! We have an elf on the shelf but the kids know never to touch it. My oldest (3rd grade) is starting to suspect and I think this is the last Christmas she'll believe if we can even make it that far.



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