Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Running, it runs in the family

My last "race" of the season.  I say "race" because I did not race.  I threw out my goal of PRing a couple weeks back and I was ok with it considering a bunch of stuff.  So, I got there ready to run with the hubs.  We were up dark and early, dark because the sun still had a couple hours before it lazily rose to light our world.  I dropped Weston off at my parents at the ridiculous 4 am hour and we got the boys up for their racing debut.  But, not before a pit stop at their Aunt T's for an early morning nap.  

Remarkably we found exactly where we needed to be and we were on time, early even. (I was driving)  We didn't even argue.  A couple trips to the bathroom, figuring out where all we needed to go and do, a little strategy talk and our tired faces were ready to go.  This picture notes Dale's excitement perfectly.  Such a great sport with all the crap we do for running. 

The results, I was running slow for Dale and he was running slow for me.  Ooops, little miscommunication there.  We helped each other get a really crappy time.  If we would have been racing then he probably would have finished top 10 and I would have probably top 15.  I did get 1st in my age group, but that is only because the other girls my age weren't being such wusses and were running the much longer distances.  The times in the 1/2 were ridiculous.  I don't think I would have finished in the top half.  But, it did inspire me to get closer to wanting to reach those half marathon goals.

I said I wasn't going for time and I wasn't.  I tried beating myself up about it and I'm still trying to get over my really ridiculous running performance lately.  I just don't know what is going on.  Maybe I am just in slow motion mode because it is colder.  Like I said, I'm really trying to be ok with it and just run.  Like really really trying. 

As Dale and I watched finishers come in, I was more moved by the ones finishing in the back of the pack, running because this race meant so much more than just a race and a time or a PR.  It meant they got out and did something hard and finished.  I found myself getting choked up many a time.  Why can't I accept that for myself?  I don't get myself.  Anyway, it turned out to be an absolutely fantastic day after my pity party!

The left picture are the marathoners.  Go marathoners! and to the right are the 50k'ers. I think they should all be admitted.

Weston and my parents met up with us later to see the boy's race.  He was wearing a ridiculously cute caped shirt but I totally forgot to get a picture of him strutting around in it.  Trust me, it was cute.  He was not cute snooping in every one's bags, however and begging me for the Gu I got in my prize pack.  He doesn't accept no for an answer.  Apparently he was hungry or something.

Ever since I mentioned this race a couple of months back the boys have been asking if it was "kid's race day yet?"  The day finally arrived and it was the only way we were getting them up out of bed at 5am without whining and a complete fight.  They gladly got their gear on and switched questions to "when does it start?  Are we going to miss it?" only about 459 million times.  I was just glad they were excited about it.  

Right before the race at the awards stand.  They are the cutest, right?!  Waylon just got some new Air Jordan's and they make him faster than everyone in this whole world, if you were wondering.  Sorry to break it to you.

The kid's race was about a 1k up hill.  I was kind of surprised they tortured them with a hill, but they handled it like champs.  Wyatt insisted on running with a hat and his hood up.  He did awesome.  Out with a bang and never broke stride.  I got a little worried about Waylon.  Wyatt left him and he was running on his own.  Not something he is used to.  I thought he might get scared.  Thankfully daddy kept a good eye on him and jumped in when Waylon needed a little reassuring. 

Wyatt nearing the finish line.  He just kicked it up a notch when I was yelling for him.  This kid... makes me so stinkin proud!

And then I saw this and I don't think I've ever cheered louder in my life.  I wish I could blow this one up.  His face is fully determined and he looks so strong.  Plus, daddy is right there by his side.  No worries in his world.  MMMM, love it.  Dale told me as they were rounding the corner he told Waylon that they were almost done and to give it everything he's got. Did he ever... 

The proud little faces!  Love them so stinkin much!  They were extremely happy to have racing bibs and get a medal like mommy.

I know to some of you this might not come as a surprise, but I think running runs in the family! 

Not sure I'll post again before Thanksgiving, but I want to wish you all a very blessed one and name just a few things I am so completely overwhelmed with thankfulness about. 

  • My husband.  For so many reasons!
  • The boys that litter my door step and the floors throughout our house.  I love them to so many extremes!
    • Last night when we came home from a little grocery shopping they stood on our doorstep waiting for the door to be opened.  All I could see was their dark silhouettes and heard the youngest calling, "mere, mommy" I was so thankful for them crowding the way when at other times it completely annoys me.  I have to pinch myself sometimes at the opportunity I get.
  • My completely supportive family.  All of it.  I have a good family, in-laws definitely included!  Love you all!
  • Our location in this world
  • My job - our jobs
  • All of my friends - let's just not get too sappy - love you all
There is a ton of stuff I didn't name, but my time is running out.  Safe travels if you are traveling and may love surround you and your families.  I love the holidays!!!

Oh, and today is National Hug A Runner day.  Consider yourself hugged and I'll act like you returned it!  I like tight squeezes. 


  1. Love that you all ran as a fam! You truly are Blessed.

    1. I am, Karen!! Thank you. And a tight squeeze to you!

  2. We helped each other get a crappy time...bwhahahah!!Totally something that me and my husband would do...except it would be us running for the fridge cause we don't run. Never.
    I bet you are so proud of your boys. You're really setting a great example for them
    Happy 'Merican Thanksgiving xo



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