Thursday, August 9, 2012

More Than Olympic Moments

I could write about several history making events that have happened in the Olympics.  I could write about all the times I was inspired and how many times I was moved to tears.  Whether the tears came from witnessing a great moment in history, seeing someone pour their heart out while living their dream, or whether they came from seeing their parents watching their pride and joy accomplish something they have a passion for.  All of the Olympic moments have meant something to me.  

I'm nowhere near obsessed, but I love watching them and I love seeing my boys watch them.  I think about the next one and how old they will be.  Will they remember the history from this one?  Are they being inspired by seeing these amazing people work hard, have heart, and determination?  Do they get it?  Do they know what it takes?

My all time favorite moments will be the ones pictured here.  The ones where life was put on hold to watch something amazing.  What else stops a 18 month old in his tracks?  Life for him is usually about chase, and cars, and not sitting still for a second, and eating, and not wanting to go to bed.  He watches intently.  Even making himself a place on the floor to watch whatever event happens to be on at that moment. 

Waylon recognizes the Olympic rings the most and will shout out "THE OLYMPICS" whenever and wherever he sees them.  

They run and chase each other and play track.  They have their own gymnastic moves, which they will show you over and over again after repeatedly asking the question "Want to see my Olympics?"

They stop and stare in awe of what is going on in front of them.  Are they dreaming?  Are they being inspired?  Will witnessing this spark something in their little brains to let them know they can too achieve greatness in their lives - athletics or not?  Is this making them want to believe in themselves? 

One of the first gymnastic routines that Wyatt saw he stood there watching.  I wondered what was going on in his head.  He moved to the middle of the living room mumbling something about "I can do that."  Before I knew it he had leaped into the air and was doing a front flip right there in front of me.  He landed square on his back and I think my shocked reaction was what scared him the most. 

"Are you ok?  Buddy, those people practice and practice to be able to do things like that." 

He held back the tears and for a while and I think he was pretty dazed, but it didn't stop him.  The next day he was out in the back yard pretending to be starting from blocks and running around the yard begging me to announce that "Jason was coming up on him, but he ran to the finish line in 1 place!"

He ensures me before him and his brother show us their Olympics that they have practiced.  These times have definitely put a pep in Wyatt's step and admiration in the eyes of the other two.  It's amazing and I'm beyond thrilled that they have loved it so much. 

Whether you like the Olympics or not, or want to protest who they are sponsored by, or complain about what the athletes wear, you have to admit these are people that took living their dream to the top level.  That in itself is pretty amazing.  You don't have to be athletic or have some crazy talent to keep striving for your dreams.  All you need is a dream, the passion, and belief in yourself that you can make that dream come true. 

I love when they interview the athletes or tell their stories.  They talk about failure.  They talk about them being down and wanting to quit.  But then they talk about reaching down and pulling through.  That goes with so many different things in life.  This is why I love the Olympics. 

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  1. I so admire those athletes - it amazes me, everything they go through, everything they sacrifice, and the fact that they persevere. If only I could find a mere percentage of that perseverance inside myself... ;)

    I love how your boys were so into it! You might have a future Olympian on your hands!



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