Friday, July 6, 2012

Just a little update

It's been a while.  I have a lot to write.  I can't find the words.  A lot to share.  So little time.  Our days are off because of our little vacation and the holiday right after that.  Hopefully I will share snippets soon.

I'm back to work for two days, but it feels like I've worked two weeks nonstop.  Our house is dirty and unorganized and I'm almost to the point where I want to stop everything and focus on nothing but cleaning every nook and cranny of it.  But I can't find the rhythm.  There are too many distractions.  Too much I want to do outside.  Too many smiles I want to mind click of the boys.  Too many demands from tiny toothed mouths.  The youngest is teething again.  I think all four eye teeth at once.  He's been a soaked shirted mess. 

I love vacation, but hate trying to get back in the swing of things.  My mind just doesn't want to do it, but it hates all the uneasiness. 

Dale has worked hard on some landscaping around the house.  Hopefully I'll share some of that soon as well.  Looks awesome.

Wyatt had a blast swimming without a life jacket recently and loved doing his own thing, but I honestly missed him even though he was no further than a couple feet from me at all times during our little mini vacation.

Waylon has been smiling a lot lately.  And growing taller.  He's sporting a faux hawk and is as adorable as ever.  His personality kills me.  I just find myself smiling as I watch him. 

Weston, like I said, is teething.  Still has no fear, especially of the lake and did better on vacation than I was giving him credit for minus the broken plate that silenced a Texas Roadhouse restaurant and my lap full of salsa - two different incidents.  He is running and smiling and talking more than ever.  My favorite word he says is "Bella".  And his brown eyes have my heart. 

But again, more to come on all that later along with some over due pictures.  The 4th.... oh my goodness, it was a good one!  But, I can't blog it without pics to go along so you'll have to wait until I get my act together and get pictures off of my camera and find my groove again. 

Me?  I had 4 days where I didn't work out.  That has been the longest since January, but I was back into the swing of things yesterday morning and will hit the second round of Insanity Monday morning once again.  Bring it!  I've also done well at keeping up with taking the stairs at work.  My feet haven't touched the elevator in a while!  I was proud of my meals while on vacation though.  I stopped eating when I was full even though the food was SO. DANG. GOOD!  I have to be next to my sister in a swimsuit in a couple of weeks and if that ain't pressure, I don't know what is!

Dale and I have had a few runs together.  That's a first.  He's never held back for me (we're kind of competitive), but I have really enjoyed it.  We have a run in a couple of weeks we are doing together.  Wyatt and I have ran a couple more times on early mornings where he rides his bike.  Such a great time with him and he feels so proud of himself afterwards.  Hopefully he will get rid of those training wheels soon!

Until I can find my way again, peace and hair grease!

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