Monday, April 16, 2012

Memories Captured: A Picture From My Dreams

The weather was unseasonably warm on a Saturday.  Saturdays, chore days.  The only day I have to really clean the house. 

Pick up the living room.
Vacuum the floor.
Really clean the kitchen.
At least WIPE the floors in there.

"Boys, come pick up so I can vacuum"

"BUT, it takes for a long time" (this is my whining font)

"I know, but come on, let's hurry up and get this done so we can play."

Truth is we never get to the playing with mommy involved.  They beg and beg or go out with their dad until the afternoon when I have things reasonably clean, have eaten something, and just put Weston down for his nap. 

Then? Then I want to sit down and take a break. But, it is time to get a grocery list together and think about what we are going to do for dinner or where we will go.

But, lately their faces, those chubby cheeks, long eyelashes, and cherry lips have been pulling me away from the things I think I "have" to get done. 

They are only going to be this way once.  Once and with each passing day more sand seeps through my fingers.  Their faces thin out and their legs get just a bit longer with each jammy change.  The shoes start fitting tighter and the elastic in those pants stretch just a bit further. 

"Mom, can we get the pool out?  It is sooooooo nice outside.  I'm going to get my swimming trunks on."

How could I refuse?  How could I choose dirt, crumbs, sticky juice, dirty dishes, and smelly trash over them?

We headed out.  Mommy got some sun and filled up their little pool.  Not too long after their little brother could be seen peeking through the mini blinds that blocked the afternoon sun from his room.  Swim diaper on and out he went. 

Days like this.... they can't get much better.  The days where patience seems to flow freely in my blood even with whining and fighting, tears and overly tired screaming. 

I sat on the steps of the deck taking pictures of dirty just coming out of baby and into toddler hood feet.  They ran over from their swing set and Mario playing to take a break by me.  Sitting there just being together.  I turned the camera on them.  Wyatt threw his arm over his little brother's shoulders.  Their eyes met and Waylon lifted his arm and over Wyatt's head it went.  That picture I dream of that is stapled there in my head.  I got it.  The dream shot and I didn't even ask for it. 

The tears about came to my eyes as I praised them for being so sweet to each other and giving me such a great picture.  They loved it.  They ate it up and cheesed some more.  Normally this moment would have turned into "don't touch me, mom, Wyatt is touching me"  but it didn't.  It was perfect.

This is the way I dream they will be.  Best friends, partners, genuinely loving each other, and being as close as they possibly can be.  If this is a glimpse into my future.... it just melted my cares away.   This is a movie I will play over and over and over again in my head.  Each second I'm away from them, each hour I spend at work for them, each time I close my eyes at night and say their names in my prayers. 


This is one of my favorite times of the month where I participate in one of the greatest link-ups that inspires posts like this one and at least one tear down my cheek each time. 


  1. I already loved your picture last month - isn't that Memories Captured link-up just great?
    This is awesome - love the smiles!

  2. This?

    Is stunning.

    Your words, your photos, your description of the free flowing patience -I love it all and is so what we had in mind when we imagined Memories Captured!

    Beautiful, you!

  3. This is so cute! Brotherly love, the best.

  4. Just gorgeous. There's just nothing like sibling love, is there?

  5. I hope that they stay that way. They are so sweet. I used to fight like cats and dogs with my siblings. Now? We are super close.

  6. That last picture makes me tear up. Look how enamored with one another they are. Galit is right, when they began memories captured, this is exactly what I was hoping for!

  7. What a sweet, sweet photo. So glad you didn't hear any "he's touching me" comments.

    I know you'll treasure that moment and the photo.

    Suzy {visiting from Memories Captured}

  8. Oh my goodness, both of those photos are priceless! I think you need to put that first one in a frame or on canvas, STAT!

    And I just love this part of your words, " Their faces thin out and their legs get just a bit longer with each jammy change. The shoes start fitting tighter and the elastic in those pants stretch just a bit further..." It's so true and so bittersweet.

    Wonderful post... :)

  9. It sounds like a wonderful way to spend the day. Dishes and dirt will wait until memories are made.

  10. Yay, good for you. Cleaning can wait. Those things will just need to be cleaned again anyway.



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