Monday, April 9, 2012

Been busy

I've been busy. 

Hardly time to put together logical thinking.

No groceries.

No Easter gifts for the other kids.

No Easter baskets or goodies from us for our own.

No egg dying.

Judge if you will.  Trust me, I don't even think they noticed between the 4 Easter egg hunts they attended, their cousin over to spend the night, and baskets from their uncle and his girlfriend.  Thank you guys so much, you're the best. 

Work has been crazy.  I had to be late to meetings just to make a pit stop at the bathroom.  And you know home life has been crazy.  But, between all of it I'm trying to slow down.  Putting the dusting and picking up, sweeping the floor and the dishes to the side for a few more hours or until Dale does them for me or the ants invade the floor under Weston's spot while I chase this one around

Wiping his nose, changing his diapers, applying medicine, lotion, Vaseline to his poor little chubby chapped face, and keeping him from eating the mud he got out of the only partially muddy spot in our two acre yard.

Snapping pictures of them doing this

Letting them get dirty

and trying not to care

giving a lot of baths

Trying to keep my heart from swelling out of my chest

Loving the excitement on his face watching his brothers

Trying to keep with the demands of "more beb" (more please)

Catching his kissy face

Being jealous over his eyelashes

And his kissy face

And capturing his Joe Dirt booty shake

Letting them be them

Breaking up fights, mending fences

and even taking a truck ride with this guy.


  1. Joe Dirt shake?
    You're doing all the important things and that's what matters to those beautiful boys.

  2. Those dirty feet are so cute! And I was thinking "Omg, look at those lashes". Then? I read your caption. I am jealous! Your family is beautiful. I'm glad you're trying to take it all in!



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