Friday, March 2, 2012

12 Things I Learned This Week

Things I've learned this week: 

  1. I have zero motivation to do any cooking when the hubs isn't going to be home to eat it. 
  2. When someone says, "Stay away from dairy" I tend to crave the crap out of it.  Someone send me some Cheese and ice cream!
  3. I can still get really into a basketball game even if I know few of the players. 
  4. My youngest son is going to be a tough one.  Bloody lips, premature molars, falling, bruised cheeks, red/chapped/cracking chin from all of the drool... this kid is a trooper!
  5. My sister can still bring me to laughing tears and belly laughs.
  6. Hand sanitizer can remove permanent marker from doors.  I have yet to verify that though.  I just trust my source.
  7. The results I get from four extremely hard workouts I do Monday through Thursday seem to disappear by Sunday.
  8. My oldest son knows verses of Kriss Kross' Jump Around rather well.
  9. My boys have no sense of fashion - see Instagram
  10. A forgotten milk covered shirt and the clothes stripped from the baby with a leaky diaper in close vicinity to one another smell cover your mouth and sprint away before you lose your dinner dreadfully awful. 
  11. My middle son thinks that if he's in the bath and has to go poop, that it is ok to get out, go to the toilet and then not wipe his butt because he is just getting right back into the tub anyway. 
  12. AND he also thinks that it's ok to stomp around with his new cowboy boots in a disgusting cat box that was thrown outside of the garage because it needed cleaned and no one had time to do it then it rained and froze and thawed then he had the smarts to take them off before he came into the house (thank God) but walked through the house with frozen then thawed cat shit, pee, water, and clay substance all overhisfreakinpants all the while I had no idea what the stuff on his pants was until the next freakin day.  They joined the rotten milk saturated shirt and runny baby poop stained clothes that were already piled onto the top of the dryer waiting for the nexttimeIhaveasecondtodothefreakinlaundry.
I love my life.... really, I do!


  1. way too funny! happy weekend!

  2. You also learned how to Jolie this week. What's wrong with you? That should have been #1!

  3. Hmm- you learned a lot this week, my friend!

    So sorry about the dairy and oh no for that last one! Just oh no!!



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