Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Listable Life: Home

I'm joining Nicole over at Moments that Define Life for a fun link up she is doing all about lists.  Um, I love lists! 

Week #7 (2-28-12)
5 People You Treasure Most, 5 Pet Peeves, 5 Places You’ve Lived and What You Liked/Disliked About Them

5 Places I've Lived and What I Liked/Disliked About Them:

This may surprise some of you....

1.  In a camper down by the lake
No, I'm not kidding.  My parents had a dream.  That dream included land and a big house.  What that dream cost was a lot.  They took baby steps.  They borrowed a Fifth Wheel from a friend and parked it in front of the huge pond on the twenty acres they had just bought. 

What I liked?  Sleeping in the small space up above the actual fifth wheel and dreaming out the window night after night.  I loved watching the moonlight sparkle on top of the water.  And I loved hearing the small waves crash against the dam on a breezy night.  I was young and that will be a memory I carry with me forever.  It was one summer where we spent closely together dreaming about the future and bathing in a galvanized bucket by the fire pit inches away from where I would marry my husband. 

What I didn't like about it?  It was small and I don't remember the fridge being very big.  My brother burnt himself with the candles we would use for light on some nights. 

2.  In a trailer
The next baby step was the trailer.  We spent a lot of time here while my parents got to where they needed to be to build a house. 

What I liked?  My mom kept that place spotless.  We had a big deck off the back where we would play.  She also worked like a dog to keep the landscaping up.  Flower beds and rocks and a garden were plentiful around there.  It was actually quite beautiful.  I loved the Willow Tree that sat in the corner of the lot where we would play under and back behind the shed where we would design our own houses complete with rooms.  I liked how I could walk up the hallway walls and put my foot through the floor in the hallway by the front door due to the water damage. 

What I didn't like?  There was a lot of my childhood there that I would like to forget.  But it all lead us to where we are today. 

3.  My parent's dream home
The day came where that dream would become our reality.  My parents worked their asses off to get that house built. 

What I liked?  It was big.  I had my own room.  Somethings in my childhood changed.  There was plenty of room for all of us.  A loft and an attic to play in and a staircase to string lights on.  The fireplace was our center piece and meant a lot to all of us. 

What I didn't like?  That house burnt to the ground. 

4.  A spider infested rental "house"
You can't really call that place a house.  Dale and I got married and moved in here to save our own bit of money and prepare to build our house and buy our land.  It was a one room loft with a make shift shower.  I swear that place gave me these horrible allergies I suffer from to this day.

What I liked?  We saved more money than I imagine we will ever have again in the near future.  A lot!

What I didn't like?  Pretty much everything else.  It was so worth it though!  Even worth the spiders that we would find in our jeans AFTER we would put them on.  And I HATE spiders!!!

5.  The home we plan to spend forever in
We worked for our home.  There is a lot of our family in that work as well.  My father-in-law, my dad, my mom, my mother-in-law.  They all helped us get to where we wanted to be.  It means a lot.

What I love?  It's our home.  It is where I brought my babies to and they know no other place.  It is where I hear their laughter and wipe away their tears.  It's where we share dreams and what we love about each day.  It's our HOME. 

What I don't like?  It's too damn small!  Funny how quickly you can outgrow your home.  Luckily we have room to improve that.  It's a constant work in progress. But again, so worth it!


  1. Your parents' home burnt to the ground????

    We've moved so many times that I can't even begin to know where I'd start on this list.

    1. Yes, it was pretty dramatic. I had just had Wyatt and a lot of my stuff was still there. They lost everything. I blogged about it a few times. But... a blessing in disguise.

    2. SO heartbreaking!!

      Shell....you should totally blog about your places and link up! The linky is live all week! #justsayin' ;-)

  2. ok - i love the background and everything, your parents living their dream - but the spiders? that made me suck in my breath. And feel all heebie jeebie!!

    1. I guess that was part of us getting to our dream. I hated those damn spiders. They were everywhere. I can't actually believe I slept there for 3 years. Plus we had to open a gate and drive through cows just to get to the house. They would lick the salt off of our cars in the winter time. Aw, good times.

    2. Now the cows...they're cute. I could deal with licking cows. Creepy spiders....not so much. You're a trooper!

  3. This post was fantastic and pulled at my heartstrings when I found out your parents home burnt to the ground! It would make a wonderful photo story. You should consider adding photos and reposting it down the road. It would be a lovely way to really bring it all together.

    Thanks for sharing your story and linking up!! LOVED it.

  4. PS: The spiders in the pants as you put them on....CREEPY!!!



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