Wednesday, October 12, 2011

WW: His 1st Field Trip

Last week I got the opportunity to skip out on work and have a day with Wyatt.  I think he was about as excited as I was.  As we were walking to the car to leave he asked about his brothers and why they weren't going.  I explained and he replied cheerfully saying it was just a day for us to have one on one time with.  I'm so happy he was excited about that.  He was such a sweet heart.  I was pretty excited to meet this girlfriend he had been talking about for a few days.

She is 2nd girl on the bottom row next to the little boy with his elbow on the rock. 

"Mom, I have a girlfriend." 
"Really?!  What's her name?"
"Well... I don't remember her name so I call her Olivia." 
Trying to keep from bursting into laughter. 

So we get there and he points her out to me.  I am beaming with pride about my boy's taste, she's a cutie!  Yes, I know looks aren't everything. 

Later while getting ready to pick apples she was standing right beside us and he turns to her and points, "There she is."  She hears him and gives him such a WTF face.  You can tell this girl hasn't a clue who he is or what he is talking about. 

As we are picking apples I say, "Hey Wyatt, have you ever talked to your girlfriend.
"Well" (like duh) "NO!" (obvs I'm such an idiot for asking.  Nobody talks to their girlfriend!)
Trying to keep from bursting into laughter once again.

We finish up picking apples and the teacher asks, "So, have you met Wyatt's girlfriend?"
What? She even knows?
"Yeah, they obviously haven't talked.  What's her name?"  "Lydia" 
Well, he was close.
She tells me there are two boys that are "fighting" over her. 

Isn't that hilarious?!

Back to the field trip...

He fed chickens and ducks.

Pet some chickens

Learned about bees

Fed goats

Went on a hayride after picking out pumpkins, which I didn't get a picture of.

This was a cute idea

He happens to be cute too and looking rather big here.

And his teacher took our picture together.  Aw, my big boy.  Love him!

Then we hit up Target to look at Halloween stuff, which he soon regretted.  Some of it was too scary for him, but this hat?  He HAD to have his picture taken with it on.  The little old lady next to us about peed her pants laughing at him. 

It was a pretty great day and I'm looking forward to the next Preschool field trip!

Alicia's got some life changing news out on her blog if you have been following her.  Go wish her some luck and say a little prayer for her.


  1. The field trip looks like it was a success!

  2. Such a fun day!

    And the untalked to girlfriend? I die. So cute! :)

  3. Oh how much fun! I love the girlfriend. LOVE it!



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