Monday, October 24, 2011

Classic Pumpkin Patch Pictures

We went to a very small pumpkin patch near our hometown this year.  It was enough for the boys and they got their pumpkins thanks to Nae Nae. 

It is impossible to take pictures of little boys and have them all look at the camera with the best expression all at the same time.

Will was getting sick of pictures I think.

Wyatt was complaining about holding Weston this way.  The same way he wants to hold him 24/7 at home.  Apparently at the pumpkin patch it's different.  Look at little farmer Weston sucking on his gums.

They loved the hay bales.

Screw expensive swing sets or playground equipment.  Just buy 4 big bales of hay. 

Hay that Wyatt is allergic to.

But how could you deny the fun?!

I love these 2 pics even though they weren't taken with my "good" camera. 

For some reason I think of them as teenagers up there. 

Weston LOVES his brothers!

See?!  This is his cheesy face, which I must say is sooo much cuter in person, promise!

Aw!  My soon to be 3 year old.

Will - 3, Weston - 9 months (tomorrow), Wyatt - 5, Waylon - 3 on the 29th!

We love our Dub boys!


Hayride to the pumpkins.

Hay maze which I actually crawled through myself.  Yay, me!

And that is our 2011 Pumpkin Patch trip.


  1. Oh my, these are adorable! Looks like a fun time had by all! :)

  2. Your little guys are so adorable! It looks like you had a great time together- memories they will never forget. :)
    -Robyn from

  3. wait a minute, that lil dude is 9 months already? Holy crap.

    that looks so fun.

  4. I love all these pics!! Your visit to the pumpkin patch certainly looks way more peaceful than mine was!! I just did my post about our trip and you'd laugh at the vast difference between our visits...LOL!!!

  5. They are so ridiculously cute and it looks like they had an amazing time.

  6. What fun! Love the shots of them up on the hay bales too. What a cute bunch of boys. :D



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