Wednesday, September 21, 2011

WW I need your advice

So, I need your all's opinions.  I have family pictures this Saturday.  They will be held outside - ponds, trees, flowers, a pergola... would you give me your opinions on what you like best or if you have other ideas let me hear them?  We are doing one big group family shot in which we are all wearing black, but I don't think I want to wear black for just us.  Sorry for the bad cell phone pics!

This is what hubs is wearing and I'm glad because he looks hot in it.  I wish I looked that good in red, but it is so not my color.

Lace tank over black crinkle lace bottom cami. 
I liked this look in the store but I don't think I'm too big on it now.

I could go this route for a little more dressy.  I am the only female in the pic, so I can be a little more dressy if I want.

I really love this shirt, but I don't know if it will wash me out in the sun.  It is a cream color and super comfy.  I also don't know if I want to go sleeveless.  I could through that jacket over it. 

Here's a closer look.

This is what I will be wearing for the big group minus the shirt underneath. 

I think I will dress the boys in black shirts for all of their pictures.

Let me know what you think.

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  1. I love the second look!!! Way too cute!!

  2. white shirt with the jacket if it's too cold

  3. you can't go wrong with any of them and go figure you're a girl overthinking things!

  4. I pick the second one... gives you some depth with the lace, not just a regular old jacket and shirt.

  5. All so cute! But I love the dressier look and the fact that you said you can do it if you want! :)

  6. Very cute. I like the second photo.

  7. I LOVE the second one! The little jacket is so classy and flares out at the waist giving you cute curves. I think you deserve to be as dressy as you like in your group of handsome boys!

  8. I'm with those who like the second choice. And I'd definitely stick with the solids. Look luck.

  9. I'd said I'd definitely stick with solids - because of the plaid. You have a darling figure. Just to clarify. :)

  10. I'm a little late commenting.
    Hope the pictures go well!
    LOVE your header!



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