Thursday, August 18, 2011

Just an update

I realized I haven't blogged in a while. More on that in some other post hopefully soon to come. I thought I would give a run down on what's up in our lives.

He started flag football this week. Ever have those moments when you want to laugh hysterically and break down in a sobbing cry all at the same time? Yeah, that! He is the littlest one on his team, but he keeps up ok. His second practice is tonight.

He's been pretty awesome lately. He gets up, picks his clothes out, and dresses himself. It's amazing until I notice that he is wearing his brother's shorts or 12 month pants as shorts that he actually likes and wants to through a fit about taking them off. Seriously, that happened.

He got shots for school recently and took it pretty well. Plus, he's tiny. No surprise, he's always been that way, but I'm banking on a growth spurt around 7th grade.

He has open house for preschool next week. Yes, preschool, not kindergarten. We decided to wait since he JUST turned 5. I start to feel guilty when everyone asks him if he is starting kindergarten and I have to correct them, but I feel like we made the right decision.

And... he's still the best biggest brother around.

All the sudden he is getting potty training. He's doing rather well this week especially during the day. I tweeted yesterday about it to really test it out and that worked. He had no interest in keeping his pull up dry last night when we was out playing Daddy and Son by the swing with his brother.

This kid has got some good goods and bad bads!! When he is on he is so good and acts so cool about it, but when he is tired, hungry, just for the hell of it feeling, he is so bad and sooo whiny! And he is horrible at staying in bed.... here we go again. Wyatt was the same way but probably a smidgen worse. The good thing is once he is out he is out and there is no sneaking in our room in the middle of the night like his big brother.

But Waylon is cool and fun and funny!

Going on 7 months, can you believe it? I can't. It seems like yesterday we were in the hospital except it doesn't. That probably makes no sense but that is how it feels. It is hard to think about how our lives were before he was here.

He has 1 tooth, likes his bed time at 9, no later, sits up by himself, rolls over, pushes up, loves baths, is saying dadda, but not on purpose, his face does light up when he sees him though, is eating baby food like a champ, survived a slight ear infection and recently a cold or allergies or whatever the heck it was/still is.
He can't miss a thing his brothers are doing and his legs NEVER stop moving. If he is standing in your lap he is jumping. If he is laying on the floor his legs are kicking. I can't say that I'm surprised. He was exactly like this in my belly as well!

He's fun and easy and I couldn't ask for a better baby to come along.

Dale and I? we are good. Laughing, talking, spending time with each other, telling each other goodbye in the morning (except for this morning but I don't want to talk about that) good.

Altogether things are good, we are blessed, and we are thankful even though there are still some crap things going on. I'm sick, he pulled something in his foot, the anniversary of his dad's accident is tomorrow, kind of crap, but still good.  Maybe I'll post about it.  Maybe I won't.


  1. Post if you want, if not we get it. 7 weeks old already? What hte??

    mommakiss [blogger hates me]

  2. Thanks for the update. Dustyn sounds a lot like Waylon. He can be sooo sweet but that can change so easily.

  3. Ahhh, so here is the update I was looking for!! :) So that poem was written about Wyatt going to practice?? Beautifully written!!



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