Monday, July 18, 2011


You know those friends you have that are pretty much family?

The ones you laugh with

The ones you're brutally honest with

The ones where sometimes you don't need words

That you have the greatest times with

The ones you act silly with


and create memories with

You share in their joy


And in their hurt

You exchange dreams

and fears

ask for advice

and give your opinion

You have fun with

and get annoyed with

(Wyatt is his father's son.  If there was any doubt ever, this should prove it once and for all!  Does anyone else completely lose it looking at this picture because I definitely do every.single.time!)

Yeah, those friends.  They are the ones you wouldn't trade for anything.

Thanks Davids' for once again creating such great memories not only for us but for the little shoes that follow in our footsteps.  Thinking of the years to come with our aging brats puts a smile on my face. 
Oh, the trouble we have ahead of us!


  1. When you look back it all just may be worth it, too:)


  2. That middle finger is CRACKING me up!

  3. You're lucky to have such great friends that are like family in your life. Fun pics! :)

  4. oh my garage. wyatt. that is awesome.



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