Sunday, April 10, 2011

Damn Sonic

As a busy mom of 3 I try to be as efficient as possible. There is a lot of house cleaning to do. A lot of butts to wipe. A lot of tears to dry. A lot of kisses and dinosaur hugs to give. So, what I don't need is unnecessary things taking up my time! Saturday while Dale took the boys outside I decided to get some house work done in between feeding and changing the little one's diaper. I was almost finished with cleaning the kitchen when this seemingly harmless Sonic cup about ruined my day. 

Look at you and your smug smile!

This cup is the perfect size to fit upside down in the drain you see there and clog it.  There is no room to grab it with your fingertips.  Everything slides perfectly off it's nice round bottom.  I spent an extra 45 minutes trying to get it out of the drain by suction cup things we have in the shower and by those two forks you see there.  I was so frustrated.  I was finally able to maneuver it up with the forks.  If there wasn't a two year old in the house that professes his everlasting love to this cup it would have graciously met Mr. Trash Can while being thrown in as hard as I can throw it.  I played 3rd base in college to give you an idea. 

Suck it Sonic and your busy mom day ruining creation of this damn cup!  I should have just flipped on the garbage disposal and let it work it's magic!


  1. I thought you were going to say you stabbed the fork into it a pulled it out never to be used again!
    We have some drink cups that drive me nuts, they leak over school books and turn important notes in school bags into papier mâché. Over the school holidays I have been known to "lose" one or two on the top of a very high cupboard. That way if anyone gets too franticaly upset looking for it I can miraculously "find" it again. But generally it is a case of out of sight out of mind...

  2. I saw this on fb and instantly giggled. Sorry. Now I had to stop by to read the rest of the story. Sorry for your wasted 45 minutes. That blows.

  3. Ha ha! Hilarious!

  4. Sorry it was frustrating...I have totally been there, but I LOVE that you took time to take a picture :)

  5. I was reading and thinking, I'd stab it and yank it out. Good thing you care so much about htat sweet boys love of his cup. Oh and I've had a cup from T-Rex that's 2 ft tall and shaped like a bone in my kitchen for two weeks now and I'd really like to trash but the kid loves it. What a waste, it doesn't fit in the cabinet and I have to clean the silly 2 ft straw.



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