Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Wordless Wednesday - Classics

Good Ol' Saint Nick pics....

Waylon has been talking about seeing Santa for weeks.  He has been so excited.  I couldn't get my clothes on fast enough for him the day we were to go.  He literally pushed me out of my bathroom to head to the car.  That's how excited he was.  He even had it all planned out that he was going to ask Santa Claus for; a sucker for Christmas.  Well, you will see what happened.

 My sweet Angel face!

 Wyatt pinching the crotch of his jeans was the last thing I was worried about.

 I think little man split his lip yelling so loud!

Thanks, Santa!

 I'm pretty sure he has Santa's fingers separated as far as they will go.  Santa might have had a cramp in his middle finger the next day.

 Santa's face!  HA!  And that tear rolling down his poor cheek.  I have looked at these a million times and still crack up!

Santa even offered him a candy cane, but Waylon could care less!

Don't worry, they made up.  He actually waived bye to Santa as we were leaving.  He also talked to Santa in his picture for quite a long time when we got home.  When asked how his visit with Santa was he flat out tells ya he cried and isn't ashamed.

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  1. I will say it again...Santa can be SCARY!
    but that fellow is a

  2. Classic! You have to have at least one of these. I don't know that I do actually...I always ended up getting in the picture. We have not even talked about Santa much this year...I really did forget about the whole go see santa thing until just now.

  3. Too funny. I have some just like this. Pokey was petrified until just recently believe it or not. Aww... the memories. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Ha ha. I am sorry I laughed out loud. Cute pictures and a great story to tell him when he grows up.

  5. This is so bad to admit, but I love these Santa fear/terror pictures!! Mine wouldn't smile, but no tears, either.

  6. I do happen to love these photos! I'm not at all disappointed that he had such a horrible time. He loves Santa, he just doesn't like sitting on his lap and seeing him in real life!

  7. Poor little guy! But my are those pictures hilarious. My boys both have no fear of Santa whatsoever. :o)

  8. Aww, I love it. Mostly because you only have a couple years of these photos then poof, it makes way for the "I wants".

  9. Oh my goodness, that is so cute! My little brother and I have a similar Santa picture too. I'm smiling and as happy as can be while he's screaming his brains out in the picture. lol I love that your little guy was trying to rip Santa's finger off. And the crotch pinching? Hilarious! lol

  10. I absolutely love the cryin' santa pics. No lie. They're my favorite.

  11. ha! baby crying santa pics are the best. THE best.



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