Thursday, December 9, 2010

Date night, update, Maternity photos - check um out!

It has seriously been over a week since I posted last and I didn't even give you a pic for Wordless Wednesday, but I promise I will make up for it with this post.  Promise.

Last Friday Dale and I got a date night thanks to work.  The boys went to Nae Nae and PaPa's and Dale and I got all jazzed up to go to the Christmas Party.  We had a good time.  Laughing, people watching, filling Dale in on all the biz talk and who does what.  I thought we were going to miss our pictures like we did last year, but we had perfect timing.  The photographer was just finishing up and we squeezed right in.  Then we made it to our table just in time to be served our soup.  Couldn't ask for better timing.  Our Christmas parties are usually pretty great with tons of great prizes up for grabs.  This year we didn't win anything.  Last year we won a 32" TV, which we love on our bedroom wall!  LOVE!  Next year is our year!! 

I wish I would have scanned in our pic or at least taken a few more, but this is all I took to prove I actually did do my hair and wore foundation.  I think the foundation hurt me more than anything.  I think it magnified every line on my face!!!

I so wanted to fix those through some editing, but you know, honesty and all!

It was a much needed and much appreciated night out!  And the boys had a blast staying with Nae Nae and Pa Pa.  Wyatt didn't want to come home of course. 

Dale's dad was moved to a rehab facility.  I wish I could give you more than that, but that is pretty much all I know at this point.  He is in Columbia, MO.  Things have not gone well since his move.  It is so frustrating that he was doing so well, then they move him and he starts doing horrible.  They can't seem to transfer charts as they should and some have no clue of his condition.  It just boggles my mind how that can happen.  Anyway, I will fill you in more once I have more information.   

This week I went and had some maternity shots done.  This was a new experience for me and since this is our (uh hum) last child I thought I better get some of these precious, quickly fleeting moments professionally captured.  Here is the link to the website  You can go check them out for yourself.  I could point out all my imperfections for you, but you just go ahead and look anyway, maybe you will miss some.  Let me know your favorites, PLEASE!  It would really help me out in making my selection!!!  Click on "view photos".  The password is "sharp".  Click on the link at the bottom of that page. 

33 weeks!  I measured a week behind yesterday at the dr.  Usually I measure right on.  No one is worried, except maybe Dale, he gets kind of freaked out by news like that.  But, Baby No Name is still kicking the crap out of me.  No worries here.  I just see it as a license to eat even more.  I actually haven't been eating that much lately because of how fast I get full and the heartburn that follows, but I promise I will try harder. 

33 week pic.

I got an unexpected day off yesterday.  My little masculine alarms went off at 3am.  They were screaming and crying and running down the hallway.  Wyatt was yelling he had puke all over him.  Waylon puked everywhere including on his big bro and had it all over his face.  So, up and at um.  Baths, laundry, and a big ole clean up at 3am, nothing better, I tell ya!  How is it that you don't puke yourself but you can taste the puke in your mouth while cleaning up a puke covered child?  I don't know how I kept my stomach from follwoing suit!  I didn't make it back to my own bed.  We covered the recliner and goodnight snuggles followed.  It was actually more like a power nap for me.  My real alarm started screaming at me soon after!  We couldn't declare his stomach stable enough for the babysitter so sick day it was.  I enjoyed the time with him since he was acting ok and I really enjoyed his cute little head nested up against my arm and feeling his little chest move up and down.  So thankful for being a mommy and making my sick kids feel better.  I still can't believe they came from me sometimes.  What a blessed life we have. 

Anyway, go check out the website, let me know what you think, pretty please?


  1. These are so great. I don't know which ones I would pick. You look great though.

  2. You look so pretty Tayarra! Glad you had a good time at the partay. That's one thing I miss!

    You give me homework and I'll do it! If you had 3 framed together I would pick 9118, 9089 and 9123. And a single one is 9152. Maybe in black and white. And seriously, are you that blessed or did the stars align so that your boys were in such a good mood during your shoot! ;oD



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