Thursday, November 18, 2010

It's exciting (for me)

Before I get to this exciting (for me) post I just have this little question...

Does your marriage ever suck?  Of course there are different degrees of sucking, but in general sometimes does it just suck?  Yeah, mine too.  But, wait don't get too excited, these are normal marriage woos.  I am not talking about the big D-I-V-O-R-C-E or even separation for that matter.  (Now I have that damn old country song in my head)  I'm talking about the sometimes he's crabby and sometimes I am crabby and sometimes we get stuck in a we're crabby with each other rut. 

So, today reading through blogs some ladies were writing to me I think.  See here, MckMama is talking about a "season" in her marriage and how faking it made it for them.  And here Traci linked a video about respecting spouses.  And here Bethany talks about her walk through postpartum depression and how great her husband was through it.

Ok, ladies, I got it and thanks for the messages because I know you had me on your mind the whole time : )!  So, if you are like us and your marriage just isn't all rosey all the time then check out those few posts for a little insight on how to refresh things.  I know I have a lot of work to do! 

Anyway, onto my exciting (for me) post...

Waylon turned two not even a month ago.  He has always been pretty interested in pretending he was going potty.  You can see evidence of that here were I posted this adorable picture of Waylon pretending over the summer. 

Every time he pretended that is all he would do is pretend.  Nothing ever came out, but he happily strutted away like he was the biggest man in town.  After his shower the other night (The boys are showering now because that's the way daddy does it and as long as daddy is taking care of it he can do it anyway he wants to.) he was brushing his teeth and I thought he might have to go so we moved over to the toilet. 

His big thing is just wanting to flush it now days.  But, I told him he couldn't flush it unless he actually did something.  So he tried, nothing came out.  He tried again, nothing came out.  But, I was pretty sure he had to go.  So, I told him try one more time because I think you can do it.  He pushed and he grunted and we had pee! 

He could barely finish with my outburst of excitement.  It was a spur of the moment thing.  No pressure, just coaching and he did it.  Just like a big boy.  So, we got dressed and we played and laughed and flew onto my bed and sang all about what a big boy he is.  It was a pretty proud moment! 

Me:  What did you do
Waylon: No timeouts
Me: And....
Both of us:  Went pee pee in the potty and I'mmmmm a BIIIIGGGG BBBBOOOYYY!

and he would fly through the air landing on a mountain of mom and dad's blankets and pillows, laughing hysterically on the way down.

Wyatt:  Way to go Waylon!  That's my boy!
(while giving him a huge grin and a big thumbs up)

Daddy was pretty excited too!

If you can't tell I loved the moment.  It's one for the books in my opinion!
I know this isn't the end of diapers and it might be 6 months before he is interested in it again, but to me this is pretty awesome anyways.


  1. That's the best picture. Boys can pee anywhere. Such a beautiful thing.

  2. That picture is so darn funny! My 8 year old used to pee off our front porch. I'd walk in the living room and look out the bay window to see his naked butt standing there. Boys!!! lol

  3. Funny how when you are looking for a message, one suddenly appears!

    Thinking of you!

    & I have told you before how perfect that picture is. Seriously!

  4. CUTE photo! And you'll probably be able to blackmail him with it when he's a teenager. Just wait til he's got a good job so it's worth it. :-)
    Saw you stopped at Cranberry Morning. Hope to see you again. Have a great weekend.

    And you're expecting an addition the end of January! Congratulations. :-)

  5. Blackmail pics? You mean humiliation? Why is it cute to abuse someone´s privacy and put these kids online for everyone to see? Is this what you consider as good parenthood? I hope you get in hell!!

  6. yep. you've SO arrived ;)

    douchcanoe ANON. Way to go - sign your name next time and own up to being so righteous.



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