Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Pregger talk around our house

To liven things up a bit around here I will give you a pregnancy post. I have been collecting pregnancy thoughts lately and my list is getting pretty long, so it's time to share.

First of all pregnancy brain.  It exists.  Don't let anyone fool you into believing it doesn't!!  Here are a few examples:
  • You might get lost going to your brother's house .... when you just might have been there the day before
  • You might frantically shout  the name of and look for your thought to be missing child .... while you are holding said child 
  • Your hormones may cause you to get in the biggest fights with your husband .... they might even be frequent over ridiculous stuff
  • This might be the time that your always right self is suddenly always wrong.

Enough about possible things that may have happened to me and onto what the excited big brothers are saying about our new family member with the anxiously awaited arrival date.

Don't think I look small here.  This is at least 3 weeks ago and I am sitting down.  A comparison post to come as soon as I can remember to take my picture when I am home.
 From the 4 year old's mouth:

"Do you have a baby in your stomach"
"Is it a big one"
"Can you breath with a baby in your stomach"
He is dead set on naming a girl baby Addison and a boy baby Kade.  Those are the two babies at the baby sitter currently.
He still thinks it is a girl
"How do you get the baby out?"
"Is it hard? "
"Does it hurt?"
"How long will that baby get here?"  Asked all the time! 
"Does your tummy hurt?"
"I'm pretty sure I would like a little sister?"
"I want a brother like Waylon."
"Those things are like punching bags!"  They ARE NOT punching bags!!!
"Can I kiss and hug the baby?"
"Can I lay on the baby?"
"And I can feed this baby a bottle just like I did Waylon?"
"Every night the baby climbs out of your stomach to sleep and then goes back in there"
"I think I want to name the baby James"
"My tummy is getting big"  (Me) So is mine.  "I know, there are two babies in there"  (Me) Go sit in time-out!!!

And Wayners thoughts:
"Baby go nigh nigh in nere" (there) (while pointing to the bassinet)
"Baby" as he rubs his chubby dimple knuckled hand across the top of my belly (Ok, so he usually rubs my boob 1st before I have to redirect him.)
"Baby, Aw sweet baby"  (muah) as he kisses and hugs my stomach

So, do you have any stories to share?  What pregnancy brain things have you your friends pulled?  What did the big kids have to say about their sibling on the way?  Let me know.  I would love to hear your (or your friend's) stories. 

Bill update:
The boys and I weren't allowed back in the room because of Bill's staph infection.  The boys really wanted to see their papa Bill.  Waylon kept asking if papa Bill go home?  I think that ripped at Dale's heart a bit.  They sure did love seeing their grandma though.  Waylon didn't let her out of his sight without letting you know he wasn't happy about it and Wyatt got to sleep with her on the "couch bed" which was really awesome of course.  I think it was really refreshing to have them around especially for Linda.   Hard to think too deeply about the situation at hand and absorb what is going on though, which I don't know, I guess is a good thing. 

They are really trying to wean him from the vent still but he is getting pretty anxious about it so they have been sedating him pretty heavily.  They didn't want him to have people back there or at least as few as possible to help him remain calm.  If he sees someone he kind of panics with how his breathing is going and tells them to put the vent back on.  To him he feels like he is struggling to breath but all of his signs are still normal.  I just can't imagine. 

So, Dale didn't get to visit with him much, but Bill knew he was there.  Bill is also getting pretty puffy.  They aren't exactly sure why at this point though.  He had a cat scan done on his stomach Saturday, but we don't know the results yet, or at least I haven't heard.  I guess things are really irritating his skin as well. Even his gown seems painful to be touching him. I'm sure it seems like a much more grim situation since I couldn't physically see him this time.  It always reassured me when I could see him in action vs what people tell me.  But that's that.  Still working on a rehab place to get him into for the vent weaning and the physical therapy.  I'm still not sure of the hold up there, but it seems to be taking forever.  Again, thanks for the prayers and notes of concern. 


  1. Look at that cute belly!!!

    Still thinking of your family and praying for Bill!

  2. B thought the baby would come out of my mouth. I haven't corrected him.

    I know a friend of a friend who cried in every single one of her 1:1's while she was pregnant. Happy tears, sad tears, frustrated tears. Tears. Tears. Tears. Her introverted supervisor was extremely uncomfortable. She laughs about it now.

    Praying for your family and admiring your MIL's strength.

  3. Praying for your FIL!!!

    i love the cute belly pictures with siblings. I have the cutest one of my oldest daughter kissing my belly when i was pregnant with my middle daughter. it's six years old now, and it's still hanging in my living room. :)

  4. You are the most adorable pg lady ever. And this post is one of my favs. Those pics are precious. Thanks for sharing.



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