Friday, September 17, 2010

Sharp #3 Details

Here's a new pregnancy post.  I think the 1st couple are about a month ago.  I have been horrible at taking pictures lately.  I think this is the day we found out about Bill's accident, obviously before I knew how serious it was.  

And the next two are from Monday.  I have no idea how far along I am in weeks.  I'm something like 5 months or so.  That sounds horrible I know, but with the 3rd you aren't on every single week reading up on what's going on. 
The boys think it is funny when I take a self portrait so they wanted to join me this time.  They weren't sure as to when to smile.  They begged to see the picture afterwards and crack up.  I'm actually surprised that Wyatt isn't making some ridiculous pose in these as he usually does for pictures now days. 

So, how am I?  Doing well.  I said goodbye to my collar bones this week as they are quickly fading away and the puffiness in my face is coming on strong mostly in the afternoons when I start to get pretty tired.  I feel huge so looking at these makes me feel a little bit better even though the way I am standing and the darkness of the photo makes me look thicker in the hips than I actually (think) am. 

My pants are getting extremely uncomfortable, but I am NOT a fan of maternity pants and the way they look, but I am going to have to start wearing them full time instead of just not buttoning or zipping my regular pants anymore.  When I wore this shirt Monday someone stopped mid sentence and expressed their disbelief on how big my chest was. Wow, that was interesting and funny, although they don't look surprisingly big here.

I still feel pretty good and even less tired even though we have a ton of crap going on.  I can actually sit down without passing out 5 seconds later.  My emotions have been a roller coaster as to be expected!! 

Waylon's little neck roll still cracks me up!

Baby boy? He is doing awesome. He is such a mover and shaker. He is constantly doing something which puts a little fear in me for when he actually gets here. Could our 3rd be the rowdiest of all? Wow! I guess I will be sending them all out with daddy quite frequently!!! 
I know some little boy that has found his way up under the right side of my rib cage and goes crazy when he gets there. Little stinker. He is a bit to little for that at this point I would think, but the last two days he has been hanging out trying to detach one of my ribs I think. Maybe he knows he is going to need some kind of a weapon to ward off his brothers and make his place in the family right off the bat!
When we had our ultrasound for Waylon we found that he had a "bright spot" in his heart. It is a soft sign of Down's so they sent me to have a level 2 to check other things out. Everything else measured perfectly and he looked completely healthy.  Our 3rd baby boy has the same "bright spot".  The news wasn't as scary this time around since we had been through the drill before.  I wasn't worried, but I wasn't going to pass on another chance to see my boy.  So I went and everything looks great.  All good news!  They just chalk it up to an ultrasound finding that has nothing to do with the health of his heart now or in the future.  The doctor and the tech commented on how much he moves.  So did the first ultrasound tech at my original doctor so they just validated some of my fear!

I think he is going to be more like Wyatt with his features.  In his pictures his profile especially his tummy look a lot like Wyatt's.  Waylon always had quite a plump tummy and still does today!  Although I think he will have Waylon's appetite.  Every time I start eating the kid goes crazy!  Better get mom and dad to start looking into cows and pigs and chickens to raise so we can afford to feed these boys in a few years!!!

So, that's about it.  I still find it hard to believe that I am pregnant and that we are having another boy and that I am this far along already.  It's been crazy and such a blessing to have such a stress free, (pregnancy wise) ease of mind type of pregnancy that is completely out of my hands and has been since the beginning.  I'm trying to enjoy it as much as possible even if I am getting puffy and my bones are disappearing into my body not to return for at least 6 months.  You all know it is well worth it!

Hope you all have a great weekend.  Happy Birthday to Dale as he is home fighting off this little touch of flu the rest of us dealt with earlier in the week.  It's not fun or pretty, but it is out of here in a flash, thank goodness!!  Having stomach cramps and being pregnant was not fun for me, but I kept my whining at bay.  Trust me, Dale asked me today when I had it as I was telling him what to expect next.  I kicked that flu's ass!

Anyway, hopefully it will be long gone by Sunday so he can at least enjoy a dinner.  We aren't doing anything for his birthday.  I think you can imagine what he wants and doesn't really care to treat himself to anything right now.  I hope to at least take him out for dinner.

By the way, keep the prayers coming!  Possible surgery for Bill on Thursday.  This is for stabilization in his neck which is necessary for his recovery to allow his spinal cord to heal.  We are hoping he is stable enough to make it through and get out of there soon.  Only time will tell.


  1. You are looking fabulous. What an adorable pregnant girl you are. And you are doing just fine with the updates. Anything is better than nothing. You'll appreciate these documented notes later. Sorry to hear about the bout of flu that has hit there. Take it easy. Have a great weekend!

  2. You are so stinkin cute. And right. Your baby boy will be ready to fight off those boys but I bet he charms everyone with love too. And I just love your baby bump. It really is tiny and compact and just plain cute! (Of course tiny bumps means baby in the ribs and back so sorry about that part!)

    And Happy Birthday to your Dale!

  3. You look great!

    Happy Birthday to your Dale!!!

    Continuing to pray for your FIL.

  4. Happy Birthday to Dale.

    And your emotions are a roller coaster? Stop lying. No prego woman ever has up and down emotions. Yeah, I have an Ocean in Arizona too

    Glad everyone is good and the kids are looking big.



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