Thursday, September 30, 2010

Project Smile

One of my best bloggy friends has started yet another project over at A Beautiful Mess.  I happen to really enjoy this one as it really makes me reflect on the little things in life that create a smile on my face.  If you have read before you know my days of late have been filled with trying circumstances.  One could easily throw themselves a pity party and not care to even crack the smallest ounce of a smile, but not me.  That's just not how I am built.  I have learned that in difficult times there is good, and there is growth, and there is reason.  We have to be willing to see, touch, and hold onto those moments to make us stronger individuals.  Don't get me wrong, tough situations hurt and it is impossible to be positive and uplifting the entire time, but it is what you do with the majority of the time and how you treat those around you that make such a huge difference. 

So, in these few last weeks I tried to keep my eyes open to the little things around and let them put a smile on my face.  Here are a couple I will share with you.

Last weekend we left for Springfield and the dogs hadn't come back from their morning adventure as they always do.  We had to go, so they were left to pretty much fend for themselves.  They didn't care for that too well.  What put a smile on my face is that we got this girl back and while she was away she was well taken care of by some distant neighbors. 

They let her in the house, took her to the vet, got all of her shots (she was already up to date), fed her and let her sleep in their bed.  They weren't even overly crazy animal lovers.  I just can't explain how this made me feel.  Good neighbors, good and honest people.  How refreshing it is to find little treasures such as this.  Now if we could find the awesome people taking care of our older dog!

Another Little T pleaser, nature right outside our door (as long as it isn't a snake, skunk, or large spider).  This little guy let me get an inch away from him without moving.  The boys would have loved it, but were at grandmas.  If I was in my younger tom boy days I would have been on top of the world with my brother along side!

This guy brought back some great memories of my little brother going bull frog hunting at the pond at about age 3 or 4 in tighty whities, boots, and a bucket.

Our growing boy in my belly.  He is the squirmiest thing ever.  He moves constantly.  Even if it is a little scary to think about what type of personality he has with all this movement it still makes me smile. 

Wyatt is really interested in feeling his squirminess.  It is getting easier and easier to share that experience with him.  And he loves it!  There is a small list of things that put a bigger smile on my face than that!

One of them on that list is pictured below.

Brotherly love.  I just can't get enough of it.  Hearing Waylon tell his brother good night and that he loves him is a sure heart melter.  Hearing Wyatt ask Waylon if he is his little sweety pie - OH MY!!!

And another thing that is happening as I type is that my FIL is being moved closer to home.  No more long car rides, even though sometimes they put a smile on my face, no more ICU, no more hospital!  It is rehab from here on out!  Right now, that is a huge smile.

So, thanks, Alicia for another great project and letting us all join in.  My cheeks are hurting!  If you would like to join along and/or check out the others click the picture below.  Check out her photog talent, great blog, and her gorgeous fall family picture as well.  Truly awesome! 


  1. Cute dog, and love the frog! Your baby bump is so cute, almost makes me miss mine.. almost! Your kids are adorable! Thank you for sharing your smiles.

  2. So glad you joined along. Your first paragraph so beautifully defines this project. When I read your last fb status update I was beaming for you. And then low and behold I see it over here. Yah!! So true that in difficult times there is also good to be found and growth to come of it. Great words of wisdom. You smiles made me smile. So glad I got to see the infamous bullfrog. And your boys are too sweet. You are a great mama, wife, and person in general. Thanks for being my friend.

  3. Your frog picture and memories of your brother are wonderful, but when you said your cheeks are hurting from smiling, boy, that really got me chuckling!

  4. That last picture melts my heart. So sweet. I love that frog picture. I am glad you FIL is getting moved closer. Have a great weekend.

  5. Wonderful photos and so many great reasons to smile.

  6. You and your belly are so cute!! time seems to be flying!

    That frog picture son wants to keep looking at it.

    And that last picture totally made me all sappy and melted my heart :)

  7. Great smiles!!
    I love the frog pic :) We don't come by frogs that big where we are very often.
    Thanks for sharing your reasons to smile and I's so important to feel, touch and experience the tough stuff...and then choose to grow from it.

  8. First of all, you look absolutely stunning! Pregnancy certainly does suit you! Second, I really loved "We have to be willing to see, touch, and hold onto those moments to make us stronger individuals." You're so right.
    Tayarra, I'm glad to hear about your FIL moving closer to home and into the rehab center. That's wonderful news. Have a great weekend and enjoy those sweet little boys of yours. They are precious!

    Kristi, Live and Love...Out Loud

  9. Awesome pictures, Tayarra and you are looking so beautiful. You are glowing, mama! :D I have missed you and I'm sorry I've been so behind in stopping by. Promise you, I'll come back more often. Hugs!



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