Tuesday, September 14, 2010

Project Smile

Blog posts just haven't been on my mind lately although there have been a few huge smiles put on my face lately.  As a part of A Beautiful Mess' smile challenge I am going to put up my 1st smile post because honestly, I need to be grateful for every smile right now.  I don't have pictures to share this time around, but hopefully soon.  You see the trouble with adding pictures to my posts is my pictures aren't that great.  I see all these amazing pictures around the blogosphere and get a picture idea in my head in then I take it and it is no where near the quality I was hoping for.  Some day when I have time I will learn and I will have great pictures as soon as I can afford a really great camera.  I am really starting to hate "some day's"!

Dale put a huge smile on my face the other day on our way back from Springfield.  He was telling me that he was trying to make his dad laugh so he used me. So sweet, huh?!  Just a minute before you ew and ah!  He was telling his dad how pissy I can be lately with my pregnancy and all.  He totally blew some of his stories out of proportion, totally!!!  I most definitely am not as bad as he made me sound.  You believe me, don't you?!  But, you know if it is worth putting a smile on his dad's face than I am all for it. 

Wyatt cuddled up next to me on the couch last night before the glorious Chiefs game started.  Oh, you haven't heard about that game?  You MUST not be from KC!  Anyway he sat next to me and put his hand on my belly asking where the baby was.  Then lifted my shirt and said that my belly button was his mouth and that he can see the tv through it.  Interesting!  Anyway he spent the next 30 minutes to an hour with his hand on my belly waiting for some kicks.  Little brother didn't let him down.  Such a sweet time!

Everyone camped out in our room last night because of the thunderstorms.  The boys aren't huge fans of lightning or thunder.  Waylon woke up this morning and discovered I was not in bed.  While Dale was getting Wyatt dressed I heard Waylon saying, "Where is mommy?"  It put a huge smile on my face.  Something else that puts a huge smile on my face is the way he is talking.  My goodness you would think he was 3 with all of his sentences and right questions and descriptive talk.  It just kills me!  His brother really does him some good!

That's all for now and I don't know how frequently I will post "smile" posts, but there should be plenty to come.

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  1. Love it!! Love it. So glad you are looking for smiles. They come at unexpected moments, that is for sure. And kids sure do say the darndest things! Thanks for making me smile, girl. Have a great rest of your day.



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