Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Vacation picture style

Time for the much anticipated vacation pics.  We went to Branson and if you missed the after vacation (no picture) post, you've missed some history I have with this place.  My grandparents lived in Branson for years.  We spent a lot of time down there, but we never really treated it like a vacation like we did this time around.  We were the annoying tourist this time.  No longer considered part of the local folk even though I still knew my way around all of the back roads.  So anyway, we had an awesome time and really took advantage of our little get away with just the four five of us.  So here is a run down picture style of the time we had. 

I don't have any pictures (only videos) of the water park resort where we stayed.  We loved it!!!  All of us, not just the boys!  It wasn't our original pick of places to stay, but it is what worked out and we are so glad it did.  On with the show...

There was heat!!! 
The Tahoe temp actually got to 105 degrees at its highest.
There was golf!
Dressing kids in matching shirts actually comes in really handy in crowded places!  Don't judge!

There was beauty (there was A LOT of beauty!)

There were A LOT of firsts!
He is actually "driving" the duck through the water.  So awesome!  He got plenty of fives on his way back to his seat by the duck full of strangers.   (He was the youngest one I might add!)  I drove one of my grandpa's pontoon boats on this river once, but I was much older than Wyatt.

There was total thrill!
About 2 seconds after we entered our hotel room.  This is what started the bunk bed craze!  More on that later.

There were new favorite places!
This stuff wasn't there when I was a kid.  Well, the river and trees and houses on the hill were, but not The Landing.  This is my new favorite part of Branson.  That river means a ton to me.  My grandpa owned a doc just down the way and spent countless hours there fishing!  He LOVED this river and every time I see it I think of him.   So glad they did what they did here!  I like to think it was just for me to enjoy memories of my grandparents, but maybe they didn't think that deeply : )!

There were forced hugs!
It was crazy how that fog would come and go like it did.  At one point you couldn't even tell there was a river and this was about 5 or 6 in the evening!  It is a cold water river right around this part.  The water is about 51 degrees right now while lake temperatures just down the road are around 88 degrees.  It is known for its trout fishing.

There were begs to go fishing!

There were some day's!

There was complete cuteness!

 There were crappy smiles!

There were icebergs!

There were I can'ts!

There were I can's!

There were loops!

There were quotes! "That was seriously awesome!"

There were quacks!  (A lot of flippin quacks!)
Annoying 1

Annoying 2

There were fun arcade moments!

 and there were more some day's!

But most of all there was pure joy, love, and complete happiness just being together!


  1. Looks like a fun time in spite of the heat. And so good to get away and make some of those memories sometimes.

  2. Awesome photos! My wife and I can't seem to take any pics w/out crappy smiles.

  3. some great memories you've created:) love the beauty...it's refreshing isn't it:)

  4. Great photos. Looks like you had a fantastic time. The gokart place seems like a blast!!

  5. awww...force a hug from me to you all (and a special QUACK for baby girl!)

  6. Great pictures! It looks like a great time!

  7. awww, super super fun. I dress the boys alike, too. you only have to look for one shirt or color. plus i'm a fan of matchy matchy :)~



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