Thursday, August 12, 2010

Sharp #3 - More Details

I am a lot further behind than I would like to be on my pregnancy posts.  I'm blaming... oh who cares, I am just behind!
I have been trying to keep a list of my thoughts and the thoughts of the boys as I go along this little journey for the last time.  I will share the boys thoughts soon.  But for now, here are some things I have been thinking/doing in the last few weeks.

1.  These dark spots on my face - driving me CRAZY!
2.  Morning sickness in week 13 - Not cool!
3.  Huffing and puffing just sitting and talking.
4.  Hate brushing my teeth - makes me gag every time.
5.  Can never eat Honey Bunches of Oats Strawberry cereal again!
6.  Cried on my way home listening to the song If I Die Young by The Band Perry.  Not sure if it is her voice or the lyrics.  Maybe both, but man, it's not like that was the 1st time I heard it.
7.  Emotions, emotions, emotions.  I am loving music these past few days.  Usually I like music and will listen to pretty much anything, but lately I have loved it, Dave Matthews, The Band Perry, Lady A, etc.
8.  Every thought about my kids makes me sappy.
9.  Feeling the little flutters of our newest baby in my tummy.  It is nothing to start counting, but it is definitely baby.  I'm so excited for the boys to feel the baby kicking.
10.  Going back and forth on whether it is another boy or girl.  If I had to put my money on it I would say boy, but maybe that is just because that is what I am use to.  Every little girl I see about steals my heart though, so we shall see in just a few short weeks (19 days to be exact, but who's counting?)
11.  Losing count of how far along I am.
12.  Really noticing the difference in pregnancy behavior from my 1st to last.  I was reading constantly on what week brought what excitement or bodily functions with Wyatt.  I haven't cracked a book or looked at a baby website one time.  I guess I know what is going on in there by now.
13.  Feeling good, still a bit on the tired side, but good.
14.  Wanting to get a lot done, but I don't have any motivation to start anywhere. 
15.  Can only see my toes if I am standing straight up looking down.  My stomach is becoming a shelf!

So now onto the fun part you all are dying to see, I'm sure... pictures.

I am pretty sure the 1st one was around 14 1/2 weeks and the 2nd is 16 weeks.  You will have to forgive the 2nd one.  It was right before bed last night and I was TIIIIRRRED!  Oh, and I got my hair trimmed up too.  I think it will be the last time.  I think I'm going to start growing it out again.  Let me know your thoughts on that if you have any.  I would take any suggestions.  I am bored with it!  Anyway, baby is gettin big and so is momma!  I've gained 9 lbs so far as of my last doctors appointment. Everything was good.  Heart beat and measurements were right where they need to be.  Thank goodness for all that.  Next appointment is the BIG one!  I'm so excited to find out!


  1. You look great girl. One hot mama. Your hair is adorable. It looks pretty easy too, that is unless you have crazy hair like me. Then you would have to round brush it for an hour and use a straight iron to make it look that good. I got the dark spots and bleeding gums as well. The joys of pregnancy. Hang in there. Lookin good.

  2. Forgive you for the second photo! I might just hate you! You look absolutely radiant. I don't remember what your belly looked like before but if I use my grandma's method, there might be a girl in there. ;o) Or a boy. Ha!

    I like your hair both ways but if you are thinking of growing it out, go for it. Those vitamins sure help it along!

  3. Shave the head and look like Dale. That will get you out of your boredom

  4. Firt of all - both pictures are adorable...and I agree, by the time the third one comes along, you just don't have time to open books! Congratulations!

  5. You look so good! Pregnancy agrees with you!!



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