Friday, July 30, 2010

It's Friday. Horrible mood. Tired.  Early.  No sausage biscuit.  No frappe.  No hand waving in traffic. UGH!  That's my mood and here are my flips.

If you are new here Gigi from KludgyMom invented this great thing where we flip off crap from the week to make us feel better going into the weekend.  Thanks, Gigi!

On with the show.

To summer colds.  Really?!  Why does this even happen.  You guys suck.  We'll be taking Wyatt to the dr today and I'm sure I will be taking Waylon to the dr next.  His eyes are already getting gooey.  MMMM. 

To my sense of smell.  I can't get anything new, not even deodorant.  Things that smell so good to me in the store make me want to hurl during the day.  Thanks for that!  And if anyone has the slightest stench of body order you can guess who will be smelling it out! 

To not having a personal maid who will clean my house every day and to the budget that won't allow it.  It would really make my life a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable!

To the lady that pulled her piece of crap car out of her parking spot at 100mph not looking or caring who was behind or around her.  She could of really hurt someone, not to mention my son.  Wyatt asked just seconds before this if he could run ahead of me to the car.  Usually I say yes, because it is no big deal and he stays to the side out of the way, but for some reason I said no this time and I'm so happy I did.  Thanks for that guardian angel!  I feel I handled the situation quite well.  Her with her nasty car and cigarette had her windows down so I used that time to tell Wyatt loudly why I didn't think running ahead was a good idea.  "See just like that, bud.  That lady didn't even look when she pulled out of her spot too fast and she could of ran right over you.  She wouldn't have even seen you."  She heard me and she got my look as I got hers.  She squealed her car out of the parking lot apparently not caring at all that she was going way too fast through cross walks.  What a piece of work!  I'm not kidding if we would have been 3 steps ahead she would have run us over.

To the images that went through my mind thinking about what could of happened and how I would have beat the living crap out of her if she would of hurt my kid.  They weren't very nice. 

And this post has been nothing like me and this mood and this funk need to take a hike because this is my last day of work and then I am off to take the boys on vacation next week.  I hope the colds only last a few days and will let them enjoy themselves. 

I hope you all have a great weekend.  Don't miss me too much next week! 


  1. OMG I am so sorry you had that scare in the parking lot. I imagine you barely breathed for hours afterward.

    I'm still waiting for that personal maid too. it's been years now. When is she gonna s how up?

  2. So sorry you are in a funk. I know the feeling. And people not looking while backing out is a huge pet peeve of mine. Some people look and just don't care. I think they are trying to teach "those pedestrians" a lesson. Good grief. I think I would have had words and nasty thoughts too!

  3. Sorry about your cold and sense of smell- both suck. I'm in a funk too if it makes ya feel any better. That story is super scary and to think what might have happened. I think you have every right to want to hurt her, at least in your head. Hope you have a better weekend. Wish me luck on my forever journey to the west. (AKA vaca)

  4. Geez that parking lot monster deserves a triple flips! So sorry to hear you had a cold girl! Hope you are having a relaxing weekend and will get better soon! Hugs!



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