Friday, July 2, 2010

Friday Flip-Offs

I really missed not getting to join in last Friday!  Hope you all didn't miss me too much (ha)!  Anyway if you are new here this is a list of things that got my panties (I hate the word panties) in a bunch this week.  I don't let things get too me for too long.  I get mad and I get over it.  I have found myself making reminders to note "that" for Friday!

Thanks to Kludgymom who is the genius behind this blog hop we have a way to express and share what got under our skin during the week.  We can either laugh it off or have others join in on our waiving of the middle finger!  I hope you enjoy!
To that lady driving in the passing lane holding up the works while she puts on her mascara behind the wheel.  Big huge flip off.  Next one I see doing it I am honking at.  I hope it scares the crap out of them and ruins their makeup job.  (I know traffic again!)

Hey spray tan that only lasts about 4 to 5 days, flip off.  You are too expensive to only last that long.  And for turning my clothes orange or rust, whatever color you want to call it, flip off!  I did enjoy you once you looked normal though!

I'm going to flip myself off again for not looking forward to the weekend that I should look forward to.  I am looking forward to the time with my boys, but all the go here do this ... flip off

To my husband who thinks he can not shave or cut his hair in the summers, flip off.  At least he trims up elsewhere.  But seriously, what sense does it make to have a burly face and head in the dead of summer?  Come on!!!

 Chigger bites, why in the world are you so good at finding the most inconvenient places to be completely annoying?  I have 2 of you right on my bra line under my boob and I completely look like I am playing with myself all day.  You drive me crazy.  Flip off!

To the torture that I have to put the Waylonator through to dig out multiple big deep splinters out of his chubby little piggies.  Flip off!  I seriously don't know how he gets so many.  The kid always has shoes on. 

That's all I've got this week. Go check out the others here.  And have a happy and save 4th of July!


  1. Great flip-offs, girl! I would love to see you honk that lady and she ruin her mascara LOL.

  2. I did miss you last week. That chigger one is funny. And I hate them too. Little Man has a new mysterious rash and we're not sure if it is chiggers or mosquito bites. And btw, I hate that about spray tans too. You mentioned my tan in that last comment that I don't think I've gotten around to replying to, but it's mostly fake self tanner. I'll have to do a post. I'm seriously applying sunscreen like crazy. I get weird skin in the sun. It brings out brown patches and strange white spots. Hope you have a great weekend even though it's not sounding all the great right now. I'm gonna try. Happy early 4th.

  3. Have you ever tried putting clear fingernail polish on chiggers? It smothers them to death. Also, that ungrateful turtle I saved was actually just a feisty box turtle. There's not way in God' green earth I would mess with a snapping turtle. Everyone around here calls them cooters! Have a great day and thanks for the comment!

  4. omg...toooo funny on the chigger bites. well, not funny that you have it but funny that it looks like you are playing with yourself...LOL! Great FFOs...have a great weekend!

  5. Anyone putting on makeup while driving deserves a couple of flip offs! Just get up earlier! Love your flip offs! Have a safe and happy weekend!

  6. Dale is a stud. Let it grow and trim elsewhere????!!!!! Hell yeah to him.

    And hey there Orange Girl......chigger bites on the bra line? Nevermind.

    And please let the ugly woman put her make up on in the car, she is trying to meet her cheating fling.

    Have a good 4th and Flip off to you just cause.

  7. OK..I am a TOTAL FLIP - my first one (after cracking up at CHIGGERS..LOL) and I'm not listed twice. FLIP OFF GEEZ, BABY!

  8. How does one get chiggers and in what part of the country? Not that I WANT them or anything, since they sound nasty!

    I have a deal with my husband. I don't cut my hair short, and he doesn't grow facial hair of any kind. I like the arrangement, especially in summer!

  9. I'm thinking about making a variety of signs to hold up while passing stupid people in traffic. Flip off!

    Happy Fourth!

  10. Mascara in the car -- I just passed her in the car last week! I'm totally with you on that. We should both honk at them! Great flips!

  11. Mascara - what's that? :)
    Happy, little late though, blog hop greetings, from Casablanca, Morocco!
    Next time on time I hope! :)




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