Thursday, June 24, 2010

What would you do?

I need to get something off of my chest that happened yesterday that made me fuming mad.  I'm not sure why it made me so mad, but it did.  I'm not John Quinones or anything, but I want to know what you would do.

But, before I get into that, I don't fit into my bridesmaid dress I am supposed to wear Saturday.  Oops!  It's in my mom's hands now to see if she can make something work.  I told you all that the desert after every meal was not doing me well! 

On a brighter note, Waylon took a nap at the baby sitter's yesterday without his binki and thought nothing of it.  WHAT?  If I enter that kid's room with him on my hip and the light is off he starts yelling for his binki.  So, now that I know he can do it I went for my chance to get rid of it all together.  He on the other hand was not on board with my little plan.  He cried pretty hard for awhile then I went in to rock him.  I put him back down, he cried a little more then it was over.  Not bad!  I was hoping he would make it through the night.  Sometimes he wakes up and cries if he can't find it.  Sure enough 3:00am rolled around and I hear him wailing (yes, Waylon wails).  I went back there asked him to lay down and he did it and went right back to sleep!  What a big boy!  I was so proud.

He was grumpy this morning though.  Really grumpy.  It was the 1st thing he reached for when I started to pick him up and when he couldn't find it he let me know he wasn't happy.  Such is life my son!   Tough love!  I am hoping he makes it through today and tonight.  If we can make it that far I think we can say goodbye to the binki for good!  Unless his dad caves this weekend while I am away, which is 150% possible! 

Anyway on to my rant!  I was walking to my car after work yesterday and got stuck behind 2 guys.  They obviously knew each other and were having a light conversation.  We get to the 1st door and the 1st guy went through making sure to hold the door a little longer so his friend could make it through as well.  I was about 2 steps behind the 2nd guy.  The 2nd guy doesn't even touch the door to hold it so I can make it through.  Ok, I thought, that was kind of rude, no big deal though.  We have 3 more doors to go through.  He does the same thing at each freakin door. 

I got increasingly more mad at each door.  What a jerk!  It's not that I think I am entitled to have the door held for me because I am a girl women or anything of the sort.  It is just something you do because it is common courtesy!!!  I don't even expect for him to open the door and step aside while I go in 1st which is what any REAL gentleman would do.  Just hold the door as you are going through so I don't have it slam in my face.  I mean, that is what your guy friend is doing for you.  I do it and it doesn't matter if you are a man, women, or child.  I don't do it for the thank you.  I do it because I would want someone to do that for me.

Part of me was mad at myself because I really wanted to say something to the guy, but I didn't.  I didn't want to come off as some arrogant snob.  I want to know why he chose to act that way.  So, my question for you all is:
  1. Would you say anything?
  2. If you would have said anything what would it have been?
I'm not looking to shred the guy to pieces here.  I want to genuinely know what you all would respectfully say to educate the guy.  I feel like I should have said something because common courtesy and care for your neighbor is quickly flying out the window and I want to do my part to slow it down.  I don't think we should continue down this road of not caring for others, or putting ourselves before others.  Besides, this behavior makes people (me) mad and it distracts me from saying goodbye to the security girl, who I always say goodbye to because IT IS A NICE THING TO DO and it makes them feel like they aren't invisible and that they matter as a person.

So, let me hear it.  What would you do?


  1. Well, we know I'm not the most 'quiet' person around, but what I typically do is say something. Not directly to the person, but loudly so that they hear it. Like for this case, I'd have said "Oh, that door just slammed, it's OK, I GOT IT!"

    Or when I'm w/ the kids and we're in line for something and someone cuts I'll be all "Hey, Big Kiss, I guess that person doesn't know manners because they're cutting the line. Isn't that RUDE?" And we continue to discuss it loudly.

    I also just told a kid yesterday at the playground that she was being mean and that everyone was allowed on the mountain and if she didn't hush it, I was going to get her mother.

    See. I'm all outspoken like that. And these guys? Were rude!

  2. Yes, that would make me upset too. A few months ago I took all 4 of my kids by myself to McDonald's for my daughter's school function going on there. The parking lot was very crowded, but I spotted a parking space right up front and a car was backing out of it. I seized my moment, got behind the car backing out, and put on my blinker to turn into it. All of a sudden another car, (with 2 older people and no kids) zoomed in and took my spot. I was actually speechless and couldn't believe it. I couldn't hold back...I rolled down my window and politely asked him if he realized that I was sitting there waiting for that spot with my blinker on??? He acted surprised and apologized. I guess I just felt like I had to say something. I didn't say anything rude to him, I just told him I had been waiting there for that spot.

    You really never know if people are intentionally being rude or not, but I try my best to stay in control of myself if they are, so I'm not the one looking in the wrong. That day in the parking lot though, I couldn't hold back from saying something. You don't mess with a mama who has 4 rowdy kids in the car!! :)

  3. I would ask for his mom's address so I could go smack her.

    Okay, really I wouldn't but I do something a little passive (me? yep) and I just open the door and give a big giant smile and say "thank you!" and nothing more. My goal is that they will think "for what?" and then think "oh I should've held the door". I do the same when I hold the door for someone and they don't say thank you. I smile and say "you're welcome!" At least this makes ME feel better. :oD

  4. I would have said something after the second door!! My go to word for people you haven't a clue and seriously need one is "NICE", with just a little attitude!! It's not mean and it is not a curse word, but it gets the point across, but than again sometimes, you just can't help certian people! :) Best wishes for a better day!

  5. Hi! I saw your comment wishing us luck on our house remodel, so I just wanted to hop by and say hello. Your wordless Wed. pic was breathtaking. And as for this question, well...I think I would have wanted to say something, but I doubt I would have had the gut. Besides, what was he going to say back? If he was rude enough to do that, he'd probably just be super rude to you again. It is sad that our world is coming to this :(

    Thanks for visiting ;)


  6. I left you an award at Organzied Chaos!! I hope you had a better day yesterday!!

  7. Hope Waylon is doing better with saying goodbye to his binki!

    Those guys were rude in my book but would I said something? Uhm...maybe not because you can't argue with an idiot hahaha. Hope you will have a great weekend, girl!

  8. Well? It depends on how they looked. If they looked like they might stab me, I'd say no. lol.

    Other wise I'd probably pretend the door hit me and let out a quick *ouch!* Maybe they were in deep conversation and didn't realize they had their ass hats on.

    I have 2 daughters and 1 son. I've taught them since they were little to hold the door. ANd now they're teens and do it out of habit. These guys are just insensitive.

  9. I have to agree with you that they were lacking in basic manners. I'm not sure I would have been able to think of a reply on the spot that would have made a point without causing trouble.

    Today as I was leaving a public swimming pool I saw a woman my age on crutches following a good ten steps or so behind me. I wasn't in a rush so I held the door and waited for her to pass through. She seemed genuinely surprised and thanked me saying that hardly anyone has shown her simple help since she broke her leg and that it meant a lot.

    Isn't it crazy that we live in a world that has so few people acting mannerly that it is a surprise when someone actually is helpful! The daft thing is that I was the one who felt good afterwards. What more reason can we need?!

  10. When that happens that irritates me so much. Almost as much as when me or my child are being courteous and hold the doors for others and end up holding it for next 15 people.

    I think I would say something after the second door. I would thank him very much much for being not only a gentleman, but also a very caring person.I would do it in my most sarcastic voice.

    Thank you for stopping by last week.

  11. Oh, I would've been saying plenty in my head, but nope, I wouldn't have said anything to him.

    I can't believe there are men out there that don't hold open doors!

  12. Thanks, you all for your thoughts. It gives me something to think about IF (and let's hope it doesn't) it happens again! Wishing you all a great week!



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