Tuesday, June 22, 2010

An update for you

Here are just some random things to update you so you know I'm still kickin.

The summer and the humidity are completely wearing me out. We are staying pretty busy at home and every night has turned into bath night since the boys like to be outside so much right now. Baths really take it out of me!

The boys are obsessed with water. They want to throw rocks in water anywhere and everywhere. It doesn't matter if it is a small puddle in the driveway. I am really wishing we would stop getting storms every night so those little puddles will go away and we don't have to spend hours doing this little thing.  It gets them really dirty and smelling like mud, yuk!  They love it so much that I heard Wyatt name one of the rocks last night.  His name was little buddy and when little buddy got lost in the puddle he would yell out for him asking where he was.  Great!  One of his first friends is a rock.  A black rock of asphalt with little white rocks stuck in it!  It reminds me of Joe Dirt carting around that lump of crap in a wagon.  Putting ketchup on it and dipping his fries in it.  Let's hope it doesn't go to that extent.  Wyatt could totally pull off the Joe Dirt look though if we got him a mullet wig.  Hey, that's a good idea for Halloween one year.

If you can believe it Waylon is more obsessed than Wyatt. He is constantly talking about throwing rocks in the water. CONSTANTLY! Did you get that? ALL.OF.THE.TIME!  And doing the arm motion of throwing a rock.  Everywhere he sees water when we are driving he yells it out.  It is all he is talking about when he isn't whining about wanting picked up, his bink, or wanting to watch Wall-E.

Speaking of Wall-E, the boys had their 1st big fight over what movie to watch the other night. Waylon actually ended up going to our room and watching the movie by himself, no kidding. What almost 20 month old separates himself from his momma to go watch a movie by himself? I don't get him at all sometimes! Of course he didn't watch all of it, but he watched a lot more than I thought he would. This is all while I was cooking dinner by the way. It's not like we send our kids off to other parts of the house to be entertained by tv so we can just sit on the couch. I'm sure some day we might do that, but not now (they won't let us :)!

I have been pretty proud of Wyatt lately. He is starting to lose the little 4 year old attitude, or he is learning that it isn't going to fly with momma! He begged me to go tell the pastor happy father's day as soon as he stopped preaching. I let him and he ran right up to him, shook his hand, and confidently told him Happy Father's day like he was a little man or something. It was the cutest thing and it may or may not have caused me to tear up a little, but what doesn't these days? Reading all of the Father's day posts out there about had me in tears! There were some really sweet ones!  Yep, and it made me feel guilty for not doing a better job with mine.  You can't even call mine a Father's Day post, but still.  I suck!

One of my little guys from Children's church (I help out every once in awhile) was baptised and decided to give his life to Christ on Father's day. What a special moment. He is a good kid and seems to know what he is doing!  I think he made his daddy (a single dad, by the way) very proud!

One of my best friends had her 2nd baby girl on Friday. Welcome to the world Brooklyn and to your blessed family. I have a feeling you might really enjoy it around that huge family you just entered into! She came in at a whopping 8lbs 14 oz. Yowzers! Her birth story was a lot like Wyatt's only daddy was there for the event and she weighed over 3.5 pounds more than him! She is of course beautiful! I didn't waste any time getting over there to hold that bundle of joy and I do mean bundle! Shelly looked amazing. Why is it that out of all of my friends my face gets the biggest from all of the swelling and I look like a white pumpkin?

We celebrated my MIL's 63rd birthday on Saturday at TX Roadhouse. It was a great time and it was so loud in there that it was kind of relaxing not having to tell the kids to lower their voices a million and 1 times. Here is a video. She was a great sport.  Yee Haw!

Afterwards we took the boys to Home Depot because we are cool like that. Actually they thought they were the coolest in this race car basket.

They were pretty cute! Waylon's shirt says, "These puppies are illegal in 47 states" Just in case you were wondering. Get it? It is way more fitting on him than it was on his brother.   Yeah, that is Dale's tan ass arm there.  He has some indian in him so he gets extremely dark really quick with a tint of red and it makes me sick or just jealous, but you know what I do to jealousy!  Me on the other hand am going to have to get spray tanned for a wedding I'm about to mention in a minute!

This is getting pretty long for a random update post so I better cut it off. I won't be doing a Friday Flip-off this week. I know you all will be so disappointed, but I am off to be a bridesmaid in one of my best friend's wedding! I hope I can fit into my dress and I hope that my hair will cooperate during the wedding because it sure hasn't been liking the humidity lately. There is a flip off for you!

I actually don't know when I will be blogging again. We have quite a few busy weeks coming up. So, I guess you will hear from me when you hear from me!

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  1. You are so funny. Love the bit about Joe Dirt. I'm imagining your reaction... and I'm crackin up.

    I wish I could be on hiatus from my blog for a few weeks, but I haven't managed to pull it off yet.

    I'll miss your FFOs, but enjoy the wedding. My hubs gets tan really easily too, as well as my daughter. So unfair. I love a good tan, but have been sunscreening myself to death for fear of skin cancer. I'm old, lame, and still white.

    Have a good week.



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