Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Happy Birthday, Wyatt

I have done pretty well this weekend not getting emotional because it has been one busy weekend.  If I let myself sit down and think about it I would be an emotional mess.  My baby turned 4 yesterday.  To read how he surprised us 4 years ago click here.  Memorial Day weekend is quickly shaping up to be one of my favorite weekend/holidays ever.  I love it and so far we have been blessed with perfect weather. Not just because of Wyatt's birthday, but for all that it means.

I've mentioned how I couldn't get through the Happy Birthday song last year without getting choked up.  This year I felt the lump forming, but had a great distraction.  Turns out Dale and I forgot to buy a candle for his cake.  I can't believe we did that.  All I had was a 0, 1, 2, 3 and some random football candle and that was it.  I quickly grabbed the 3 and the 1 and made a plus sign out of some toothpicks.  He's got to learn math sometime, right?!  It was pretty funny regardless. 
We sang Happy Birthday and I was able to make it through the song with no tears, just laughs singing to this beautiful little face.
Here he is waiting for his motorcycle cake.  We didn't do a theme this year.  He isn't stuck on one  specific thing.  This kid likes everything and when we asked what kind of birthday he wanted he rattled off about a hundred different things.  So we went with the motorcycle cake. 
Blowing out the candles and making his wish.  He could care less that there wasn't a 4 on there.  I quickly grabbed him after blowing out his candles and told him how proud I was of him and how much I loved him. 

We've been asking him what he planned on doing now that he is 4 and he says in the most confident voice and serious face, "Maybe go to school."  I'm working on that one. 

Since last Thursday he has been asking if his birthday was starting yet.  He had a ton of things he wanted to do.  Have friends over, go swimming, go down the big slide, eat popcorn, have a truck cake and a motorcycle cake.  Go see dinosaurs and have hot dogs.  He got everything he wanted for his birthday minus the fireworks and the additional truck cake.

The party was a complete boy fest!  We need to add some girls to the family!  Eight boys total.  They all had a blast! 

Waylon will kill me someday for this.  I have no idea how we ended up with a little girl's swimmer, but we did.  Poor guy.  And no, there are no shoe strings in his shoes.  Grandma picked a random pair out of his room.  They did the job though.

We had our college friends come down for the big event as well.  Here is Landyn.  He is 8 months old and a really good baby unless he is hungry of course.  This picture looks a lot more fierce than it was.  He was patting Landyn on the head like a dog.  He was actually really good with him, which came as a big surprise to me.  Turns out he loves babies!

Wyatt giving some baby love as well.  Of course he loves babies!

Waylon's normal state these days, whining for mommy, who he still does not call mommy, GRRR!
Wyatt just woke up from his nap on the way to see the dinosaurs.  He couldn't be more excited.  That quickly changed once we walked in the Dinosaur Museum (hearing him say museum is the cutest thing in the world) and he realized how dark and loud it was. 

Thank goodness we had this discovery dig thing to warm him up a bit or the whole dinosaur museum would have been a major bust.

I would be scared too!

We had a blast and so glad we planned such a full weekend to celebrate our baby's birthday. 

No that isn't Dale in the photo above and to your right.  Lewis and Dale decided to play wife swap (not really).  Lewis and I ended up with most of the kids.  How does that happen?

Geez, what a great family picture.  1st of all let's work on our posing, 2nd thanks for smiling,  Waylon and 3rd, you aren't coaching here, Dale! (Good job, Wyatt)

Little Lew!
I love this picture and I think it is a great way to end this great Memorial Day Weekend post!  Thank you so much, Lewis and Lyndsey for celebrating EVERYTHING with us!  We had a great time!!  Looking forward to seeing you guys soon! 

Wyatt and I ended his birthday weekend sitting in daddy's chair sharing a bowl of ice cream.  It couldn't have been better.  We talked about all the new things we will be doing and how I couldn't believe he was 4 and how much I love him.  He will always be my baby though.  I love him so much.  The very best thing is he told me he was going to bed without crying and he was going to stay there.  AND HE DID!  I don't know what to do with myself and I really can't believe I made it through this post without any tears.  I love you Robert Wyatt Sharp!  Happy Birthday for the millionth time!


  1. Ugh! It's so bitter sweet isn't it? I'm so glad you all had a great weekend and your little man had a great birthday!

  2. Happy Birthday to the little big guy. Birthdays are always hard to swallow, but fun to look back on.

  3. Happy Birthday big boy! 4 is a great age!! Glad you had a wonderful weekend!

  4. What a great birthday for your little guy -- and he IS still little, mom. :) Birthdays are can be tough though.

  5. Looks like it was a great weekend and celebration, T! I can't believe he's 4 either. Makes me sad thinking about it too!

  6. Great job, mama. Looks like you threw one heck of a party and had a very happy little boy.

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