Wednesday, May 26, 2010


So no harm done when I got home last night due to the "Hormone Episode"!  Everyone was still in pretty good spirits, thank goodness.  And it even seems like he is going out of his way to show me it wasn't a big deal.  I am glad he is cutting me some slack.  I love him for that. 

What else do I love him for?  He got teacher of the month in the last month of school when the kids are tired and hate every teacher they have to deal with until the end of May.  I thought it said a lot.  I am proud of him, but you all know that, right?!

I also REALLY love him for bringing up that our anniversary is on a Monday this year.  It is in 2 weeks so the man is thinking ahead, which makes me feel great because it shows me that it's important to him.  What's he want to do for our 7th anniversary?  I think we all know the answer to that!

I also love him for fixing Wyatt's seat on his bike and hanging his name plate. We bought that for Wyatt when he was only 6 months old when we were in Padre for a wedding. At that time we were thinking about what now would be like.  We were thinking about how great it would be and what kind of kid Wyatt was going to be. And here we are. Far from disappointed with what kind of kid Wyatt is.  

And I love him for doing the small things like setting up the slip and slide on a busy night with work the next day just to make his kids respond like this. 

They love him and that right there is good enough for me to love him.

And he loves summer just about as much as I do!

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  1. These pics are amazing. No wonder you love them all!! I love that little hanging name tag. It's adorable.



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