Monday, April 26, 2010

Feeling sick

It is true, I am feeling sick, but it might have to do with all of the poop and puke I have been covered in this weekend thanks to my boys and even my dog!  I always thought I had a pretty strong stomach that could take a lot, but this is getting me!  I have had a sick feeling in my stomach since 4:30 this morning when Wyatt came running to our room saying his throat hurt and he threw up everywhere.  Sure enough he was telling the truth. 

Waylon took his turn on Saturday right after getting up and getting dressed to go to my cousin's birthday party.  And my dog has done it every day since I stupidly let her stay loose in the garage.  She chewed and apparently ate everything in site. 

Waylon has also had the runs for over a week now.  I thought it was those eye teeth trying to pop through, but who knows.  I am at home today with Wyatt who is peacefully sleeping on the couch.  Once he wakes we have to go get his brother from the babysitter because he still isn't feeling well.  So the pooping and the puking are sure to continue.  I have washed so much laundry from 4:30 this morning until now. 

I hate to see them sick and not feeling well, but they sure do want their mommy, which makes me feel great.  So, I hope you are still in the mood for lunch!


  1. Man there is no worse feeling than that of kids being sick. Take care of those kids and yeah, umm, not sure what to tell you about the dog.

  2. Whoa... you have had your fill. You need a girl's night out or a tub of ice cream or something.



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