Friday, April 30, 2010

The fog is lifting

Everyone is finally healthy and Dale missed the bug.  Thank goodness because he is worse than any child who is sick.  When he is sick his pain and agony are worse than anyone who has ever felt pain and agony according to him. Even me who has gone through the birth of one of his sons without him and without an epidural!  The nerve!

The boys are back at the babysitters.  I am back to work and feeling pretty refreshed, I might add.  I have been in a slump lately and really have been wanting to kick it, but just haven't been able to.  The last couple of days I finally feel like the fog is lifting!  I had my review yesterday that went awesome.  It was probably THE best meeting I have had with my boss in 6 years.  Not because she was singing my praises, but it was constructive and energizing and really gave me some motivation on some things to work on to be where I want to be.  Don't get me wrong, I love to be praised, but I also thrive on feedback I can use toward improving myself.  I get a little demotivated if all I ever hear is how great I am doing because I know there is aways something to work on.  Plus, if that was the case shouldn't I be like the president of the company or something by now?!

And, Dale and I finally got some quality time together.  He has felt like a stranger lately with everything going on.  He has been there but we haven't had time to really acknowledge one another.  We're back to kissing each other goodbye in the morning.  We never talked about it, just made the effort to do it again.
These past few days haven't all been good though.  Wyatt decided that he is now a biter as well.  I guess little brother is rubbing off on him.  He bit a little boy on the cheek and left a pretty good mark.  I was so disappointed.  I feel like I have failed as a parent.  I am the one with the bratty kid that bites people at the babysitters.  Nice.  We talked about it and he is supposed to be apologizing to the poor kid and his mommy.  I really do hope he does.  He did get punished as well.

On a happier note, Wyatt is now dressing himself on occasion.  He is getting to be such a big boy.  Maybe he should already be doing this, but we haven't really forced him to.  I am allowing him to do more and more things on his own lately and he is doing a great job. 

Our new bedtime routine in these past few crazy weeks... Wyatt has wanted to go with me to put his brother to bed.  So, we go back in Waylon's room, turn the lights off, sit in the glider and rock.  Wyatt on one side of my lap, Waylon on the other.  Wyatt HAS to sing the ABC's 1st.  He does a great job until he gets to LMNO and then he gets stuck like a broken record scratched CD and just says LNINININININ O P.  He mainly does that on purpose.  I am so proud of him except for last night.  He got all the way through very well and was singing the little wrap up bit at the end.  You know, "Now I said my ABC's...."  So, he says, "Now I said my ABC's, next time won't you poop with me."  I couldn't help but laugh.  He said it without skipping a beat.  Where does he come up with this stuff?  We end our little routine with (I know this sounds stupid and we don't watch Barney, but the boys love to sing this song.  Waylon even joins in.) I love you, you love me.  Big kisses and big hugs and it is off to dream land!  It's probably the best part of my day, every single day!

OH, and Happy 18 month Birthday to Waylon yesterday!  Completely. Flying. By.


  1. So glad to hear the fog is lifting over there.

    Was wondering where you work? Congrats on the good eval.

    Also thought it was funny about the kissing comment. We just started that up again too.

    And just so you know, kids are going to do ridiculous crap- it is not a reflection on you.

    You are a good mom.

  2. Glad you all are feeling better! Geesh, you deserve some time off.

    I know the biting is a let down BUT I was a biter and I definitely grew out of it. I don't know why I did it but I LOVED biting my sister up until first grade. It was almost like a yearning to bite... now that I am saying that it's kind of embarrassing. Needless to say, I don't bite anymore, he will grow out of it.

    The end of the ABC's song certainly has changed since I was a little girl ;-)



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