Tuesday, April 27, 2010

The Bully and The Beast

I think the pooping and puking have subsided for now.  We have made it 12 hours without any of it.  Thank the Lord!  I am still at home getting to actually enjoy the boys today.  Just sitting back and watching them be brothers makes me smile.  In the process of watching them I have come up with new nicknames for them.  The Bully - totally Waylon and The Beast - Wyatt. 

Waylon is such a bully.  If he doesn't like anything about what you are doing he comes at you with a waving hand and a mouth wide open going in for a bite.  I don't know why he is such a biter, but he is.  He can roll his eyes with the best of them as well. 

Wyatt has done really good not to retaliate against him, but if he gets sick of Waylon coming after him he grits his teeth and yells.  It's all I can do not to butt in and mommy both of them when they are showing frustration to each other.  But, it is actually kind of amusing to watch them work it out.  They both take it out on each other then realize it doesn't feel too well and they both back off. 

Waylon is one tough cookie.  He doesn't take much and it takes a lot for him to really get hurt, A LOT.  So, I don't feel too bad when Wyatt retaliates some.  I know it isn't hurting him.  Trust me, Waylon does a lot more damage to his brother than Wyatt could do to him. 

Dale told Wyatt the other day after stealing a toy from his brother's hand that he better watch out because Waylon is going to be a butt kicker.  Going to be?  The kid is already there.  They are figuring each other out.  What makes each other smile, what really ticks each of them off and they both feed on it.  I love watching them work things out and I love watching them love and enjoy each other even more.


  1. Im glad you are all starting to feel better!

  2. Yah! Glad all the sick germs are leaving.

    Good luck with the fighting. Mine started around those ages and haven't stopped since. Let me know it you figure out any magic tricks.



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