Monday, December 14, 2009

AWH! What a great weekend...

We started our weekend by heading to my work to see a special visitor. He was the best Santa I have seen! Wyatt was cool with Santa. Everyone else he wasn't cool about! There were a few times I thought he was going to lose it, but he kept it together. He didn't like all of the other people yelling at him to smile. Give the kids some room people, gee! Waylon did great as well. I thought he would lose it at any time as well, but he kept it together too. He is in that scared of strangers phase right now, but I think the Christmas movies lately have done them both some good. Their absolute favorite movie to watch right now is Elf. Wyatt can tell you all about it if you need a review. I swear that kid has got a knack for acting.

Wyatt enjoyed it much more than these pictures let on.

There's my boy. He is telling Santa that he wants a transformer. He already has a million transformers.

Probably could have gotten a pretty good smile if it wasn't for some elf yelling at them : )!

We spent our time waiting for our picture making cute little foam photo frames. So cute and so proud of my work!
Once we left there we made an impromptu stop at Crown Center. It was awesome for the boys to see and enjoy. It was cold and spitting a little, but that didn't bother any of us. We enjoyed it all the same.
Love that face of Waylon's.


Watching the fountain show. They loved this. They were making the fountain match the song they were playing for the KC Symphony. It was pretty neat.

And Wyatt's cheesy face! Can you tell they loved it. What a great memory!
After Crown Center we headed home to relax for a couple of hours before heading to the basketball game. Again, they loved it. Wyatt had one of Dale's students keep him entertained for the night. Nothing like going for the older women!

They both looked like this by the end of the weekend, but Wyatt had to hop in the shower before I got my camera out. Poor guys!

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