Wednesday, December 19, 2012

For no good reason

Yesterday I had the rare chance to go to the store by myself, not once, but twice.  Confession, I don't really care to go by myself.  I had one specific thing in mind, envelopes for the Christmas cards.  As I'm scurrying in and out of this store and that and making the most of my 10 minutes I still had before I had to pick the littlest two up I ran in to a mom.  She was smaller than me and I could only barely tell that the girl standing next to her was her daughter. 
"Liam" (through tight lips) "stop wondering around." 
She picked up the baby carrier to move into line behind me. 
"Mom, can I just..."
"NO, if I to get you something we ...."
His shoulders slumped as to say he never gets anything because of all these dang brothers and sisters and his profile turned toward me and I was shocked how much his features resembled Waylon's even though he was much older. 
One of her daughters was over at a makeup bag slowly unzipping and looking at me and back at the bag and then at me.
The other little sister fumbling something out of her big sister's hand. 
"EMMA, gosh" in only a way a tween can sigh.
Six kids, all had to be hers.  They all looked so much alike. There's really no point to my story other than some people just stick in your head for whatever reason and it made me miss my kids.  When two moms are at the store with their kids, there is a look they give each other and they bond without saying a word.  You know that just because she is talking through her teeth she is actually quite a good mom by the way they follow her lead.  You know the same rush and stress she feels and most likely you're in it yourself.

When you are alone you don't get that.  The mom is too busy looking at you and pleading for you not to judge her for her kids that are taking up so much space.  Or that have chocolate slathered across their face and keep accidentally bumping into you.  Yesterday I found myself actually going into the boy's isle for no apparent reason other than I needed to feel like a mom.  Do me a favor, next time you are at the store and see a stressed mom look for a way to help her out, glance her a smile as to say I know what you are going through, or just let her go in line in front of you.  We all appreciate a kind gesture from time to time. 

On to the exercise update.  I'm on week 3 of cross training with P90x.  I'm S*O*R*E STILL!  Last week I got off on my workouts and ended up skipping 3 of them. I had a migraine Monday that I'm sure was triggered after working out too hard.  I ended up sleeping all day that day, for real, all day.  In hindsight I'm glad I skipped the workouts at the end of last week because I was exhausted and in such a horribly cranky mood.   I found out I was more exhausted than I realized. 

Back at it though and today I was actually able to do chest and back without the video.  Those pull-ups are kicking my rear. I think I'm to the point where I can do 2 unassisted out of around 100 pull-ups. 
Want to picture something funny, picture me hanging from the pull-up bar doing everything I can to budge a tiny bit toward that bar.  Comical!  The chair is my best friend and I have to make sure I'm not cheating too much. 

Yoga - I finished the entire workout this week and I enjoyed it, but it was hard and I was really sore in a few new places, which is always exciting.  Right inside my upper thighs this time.  And there are a few little ripples that are starting to show themselves in my mid section.  I never thought they would come back.  Three kids later I'm actually getting some definition again. 

I have to admit I really miss running though.  I spent 5 minutes on the treadmill this morning for a warm-up and considered spending all my time there.  It gives me great things to look forward to as the weather warms back up.  

The boys - they most certainly do not have anything that remotely resembles, or could possibly turn out to be Pink Eye.  Absolutely not!!!  Wipe your eyes, wash your hands, get to school!  WE WILL FULLY ENJOY A HEALTHY CHRISTMAS! (said through grited teeth)

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