Thursday, December 1, 2011

I miss my blog so you get this…

My list of things to do:
  • Pay bills
  • Start 2 Photobooks for Christmas
  • Make Waylon’s annual birthday photobook like 2 months ago
  • Blog
  • Download pics off my camera
  • Blog
  • Order prints
  • Order family pics for the wall
  • Blog

So when I type it out it doesn’t seem bad, but in my head it is overwhelming because I feel like I don’t have time. This is all crap I have to do on the computer and I never get computer time outside of work. I can’t seem to fit this in an hour lunch break. Plus my computer at home couldn’t be any slower.


I’m thinking about taking pics of my living room and letting you all rearrange it for me through here. That would be fun for you, huh?! I suck at it and if there is one thing I’ve learned about the internet is you can find people that like to do the things you hate to do or they can at least give you helpful advice. I just don’t have the eye for that stuff.

We plan to pick out a color to paint the living room then paint and rearrange furniture over our Christmas break. I can’t wait…. until it’s done. I hate painting, remember?!

To add to the list above I’m scraping the bottom of the barrel in my wardrobe selection because our washer broke in the peak of a puking and diarrhea fest. Awesome, right! It has swept through our house and hit everyone except Dale so far. I’m keeping my fingers crossed that it doesn’t catch him. It was a great tool for losing that extra Thanksgiving poundage though!! So anyway our washer doesn’t come until tomorrow and the laundry waiting on it is worse than the checkout lines on Black Friday.

I'll be back sometime!
Oh, and Christmas shopping! 


  1. Oh man... I know what you mean. Why does doing photo books and ordering prints seem like such huge projects?

  2. I haven't posted anything in over a week. Don't feel bad.

  3. busy gal!!! sounds like our house!!

  4. *Such* a busy time of year, right> Hang in there, Mama!



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